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I am mid 30’s mom living in Connecticut with my husband and two little boys.   I work 20 hours a week as a cardiology nurse practitioner.  I am gaining wrinkles by the day, fighting the urge to overindulge in carbs, and when my youngest son was 2 months old I sent my husband to rehab for a heroin addiction.   Life in pictures can appear perfect, but some days are hard, and I’m not trying to pretend otherwise.  I try to practice laughter and gratitude to make my way through each day I am blessed to share with all of you.

I love to interact with those of you kind enough to follow along.   I am most active on Instagram where you can find me giving and asking for advice (on things from favorite mascara to what to cook for dinner).   This has been one of the great gifts of starting this blog.  I hope that through humor and real talk (apparently I appalled my husband when I mentioned chin hairs) you will join along as poke fun at mom life.


I started my blog with ZERO knowledge of photography or website development so this continues to be a huge learning curve for me.  Initially when I started blogging (December 2015), I was sharing a lot of DIY projects I was working on in my home and healthy recipes I was trying to get my kids to eat.  That’s when I came up with using Pinterest in my blog’s name.  In April 2016 I started sharing pictures of what I was wearing and that has taken over most of my Instagram at this point.

As an everyday gal I share things I find interesting, inspiring, and within my budget.   If you’re looking for award winning photography (my husband kindly plays paparazzi with me) or high-end designer items I’m not your girl (but maybe we can laugh at the pictures together).   If you want to share in everyday humor and style I’d love to have you follow along with me by subscribing to my weekly newsletter.   I try to offer occasional giveaways to my subscribers as a show of my appreciation.

In 2017 I’m trying to get back to sharing some HOME content as well as increase my charitable giving.  I love to support charity and giving (I started a whole series about it on Instagram) – so if I can use any of my social reach in that manner – please, do share!!  Off the shoulder tops will go out of style, but being kind and funny will not.

Disclosure: I use affiliate links.   If you choose to make a purchase from an affiliate link I post there may be a small commission paid to me that helps fund the costs of running my website.   Linking from my site does not change the price of the item up or down for the consumer.

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