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Custom Outdoor Entertaining Pieces

Now that we have a dining table and a stellar view from our back porch, I have been itching to shop outdoor entertaining pieces. I love the idea of being able to customize the look for different seasons and occasions, and Shutterfly has more options than I could have imagined. There are so many opportunities to entertain in the summer, Memorial day, Fourth of July, and Cam’s birthday to name a few. You know I love my neutrals so I…

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Summer Family Photo Outfit Ideas

family outfit ideas for summer photos - pastel yellow and blue color scheme

I have done family photo shoot ideas this past fall and in 2017 and the feedback has been positive. In case you are getting ready to do summer family photos I thought it would be helpful to create outfit ideas and color schemes to use as a guide or inspiration. What to Wear for a Family Photoshoot in the Summer Textured clothing translates well in photos so when dressing mom and daughter, look for details like ruffles, lace, etc. One of…

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Are You Catchin’ or Fishin’?

Since moving to a warmer climate we have picked up more and more outdoor hobbies. One that Mac has taken to is fishing. We insist on calling it fishing because we are rarely catching 😂. I have been trying to get Cam into the pastime since we live on a coastal dune lake that is perfect for fishing and today I am partnering with Backcountry to share some of our new gear. Don’t forget to use my code PLANSBC for…

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Long Torso Swimsuit Favorites

Long Torso Swim I know many people dread this time of year when it comes to swimsuit shopping. While I have had the occasional luck with budget friendly suits from Amazon, I am a big fan of a splurge worthy staple swimsuit. Since we have made the beach our home, this was a high priory for me when it came to fashion finds that would suit our new lifestyle. With Marissa down here now too we have enjoyed sharing our…

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The Perfect Gift for Mom

I had heard raving reviews about the cookware brand Our Place and their Always Pan, so when they recently launched their Perfect Pot I decided I should give them both a try. They have a duo set where I was able to get them both and save a little! With Mother’s Day approaching I thought this would be a perfect gift for Janey, she loves to cook!  Right now Our Place is having their Annual Spring Super Sale with up…

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mom that Loves Quality Time

Most of my loved ones know my love language is quality time. I know this can be tough for those who have a different love language or enjoy gifting so I thought I would share some ideas for the moms who, like myself, love quality time! Whether you’re looking for your mom or looking to share ideas with your family, I hope the below ideas inspire you!  Backyard Picnic I know many of you don’t have the beach nearby but…

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Backcountry Beach Day

My boys recently decided they wanted to start a business renting out a paddle board to local visitors. For Easter, the Bunny ordered them a BOTE Breeze Aero Paddle Board from Backcountry. Marissa and I decided we should up our SUP (stand up paddle board) skills if we are going to help them with their business. We took the morning to get a in a workout and try our hand (and balance) at some paddle boarding. Can you believe this…

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Amazon Summer Capsule Wardrobe

amazon fashion summer capsule wardrobe 2022

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe? If before we get into this you’re like… wait a minute Rachel, what’s a capsule wardrobe? Let me explain. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to group versatile, basic wardrobe pieces that can be restyled in many outfit combinations. The goal is to minimize your wardrobe with pieces that mix and match AND ALL LOOK FABULOUS. Not only are you buying less, but the pieces I’m sharing today and budget friendly. Many of these…

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Best Cleansing Balms

This post is written by Marissa. A year or so ago I tried my first cleansing balm, and sure enough it was all it was hyped up to be. Since then I have been on a mission to find the one I would crown as my go-to. If you’re not familiar with cleansing balms, they’re a face cleanser and makeup remover in one. I liken the feeling to if you took coconut oil and rubbed it on your face. Which…

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Spring Family Photo Outfit Ideas

What to Wear For Spring Family Photos Spring is (almost) here! It’s time for some warmer weather family photo outfit inspiration. Feel free to bookmark this blog post or pin the outfit ideas below to use for this season or the next. These styles and colors are classic and will stand the test of time. And the best part is everything is on SALE. Our Outfit links seen in photo above: Dress, my shoes, Chris’ shorts, Chris’ Shirt, Chris’ sneakers,…

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