10 Best Women’s Boots with Fur

Women's Boots With Fur - Winter Fashion 2018

If you have been following along with me on Instagram or Facebook you know this Winter I am addicted to Women’s boots with fur.  They’re practical yet stylish for my pedestrian lifestyle in New England.   I have to wear so many layers this time of year that sometimes I feel like all people see when I leave the house are my shoes and coat.   So I wanted to round up 10 pairs of women’s boots with fur at varying price points for your shopping pleasure :).

Women’s Boots with Fur

10 BEST Women's boots With fur - Winter Fashion 2018

Are you enjoying a snow day today?   I had a lot of work to get done today and now my kids are home.  I’m trying to balance the downtime with them and still get some things accomplished.

Before having kids I had one SUPER old pair of snow boots that I only kept around for shoveling snow.    I didn’t have anyone forcing me out into the elements back then so a snow day meant lounging indoors.   Having kids and a house means having adult responsibilities.  Snow clean up and safely carrying a toddler down my back steps without falling are two reasons I invest in good Winter boots.

Practical and Subtly Fashion Forward

There are certain things I am looking for in a pair of Winter boots.    Since I live in Connecticut we have a pretty fierce season of cold weather.  Boots is an area I invest in my wardrobe.   That said – some of you may see very little snow or cold or just don’t have Sorel or UGG boots in your budget.

  • First and foremost I need boots that have good traction so I don’t wipe out getting my kids out the door.
  • Waterproof is essential if I’ll be out in the snow.
  • Well lined – nothing worse than shoveling snow, already painful, and ending up with frostbite on your toes.

Favorite Affordable Women’s Boots With Fur

Click and of the images below to shop the items.

AND THESE UNDER $40 BOOTS – I have these you need them too 😉

women's boots with fur - white fur boots under $40

Boots I have or Want

I appreciate you stopping by!!   For more Winter fashion inspiration see this Winter trends post or you can visit my “SHOP MY INSTAGRAM” page.


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  • Chris
    January 5, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Boots with the furrrrr!!! Awesome collection!

  • Amanda
    January 16, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    The first thing I thought when seeing this post was “ she got them apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur…” hahaha! Love this post mama! ????

    • Rachel
      January 22, 2018 at 3:38 am

      we are really dating ourselves I think :). Nelly, Mase, Puff Daddy – do kids even know who those men were?
      Thanks Amanda!!!