5 Accessories, 5 Favorites: Women’s Cold Weather Accessories

winter outfit: white sweater with pink scarf and hat and pink mirrored sunglasses

I rounded up some of my favorite Winter weather accessories in case you’re still shopping for your own closet (as if we stop because Christmas is here??).  This picture is from a Fall post and as luck would have it the scarf and hat are now on major sale.  I am extremely fragile when it comes to the cold so I have several baskets of Winter weather accessories to try and combat that.   I rounded up some of my favorites out there now to share with you!

Gloves and Mittens: My hands get really cold, really quickly, so I always like to have gloves or mittens on hand. In the dead of Winter I am too wimpy to do fingerless gloves but the convertible mittens are a great option.

Hats: I have more than one trapper hat and they are one of my favorites because of how warm they are. My kids both have this rainbow striped trapper hat (they haven’t been brain washed to all neutrals just yet).

Scarves: There are so many great scarves that won’t break the bank (so I couldn’t narrow it down to 5) but will completely transform and outfit. I have this fringe scarf in camel and it’s SO soft.

Boots: I have had my Sorel snow boots since I became a mom and realized I can no longer get away with watching the snow from inside 🙁 I rounded up some others I like too, including the classic UGG which I just stole from my mom’s closet and have been wearing non-stop.

Slippers: I have the classic UGG slides you see below. I love that they slip on. That said, these ugly neutral fur slippers are on sale and they seem to be calling my name right now…

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