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5 Ideas for No Candy School Valentines

ideas for candy free school valentines

ideas for candy free school valentines

From home-made to store bought – I’m sharing 5 ideas for fun school valentines that don’t involve candy in today’s post.

With a blog name like Pinteresting Plans you’d think I’d be dominating the mom game with pre-school crafts and snacks.   Alas, I am an ordinary mom who feels pressed for time so I rounded up some school Valetine’s Day card ideas that us everyday moms can achieve.   Pre-made and homemade – none of these involve too much labor.  Many I found on Pinterest.  I love Pinterest for inspiration with recipes, home decor, fashion, and ways to up my mom game.   If you let me know you’re following on Pinterest I’d love to follow back and see where you are finding PINspiration.


no candy pre school valentines

Depending on the size of your class this race car idea from Hello Wonderful is super cute and they even provide a free printable.  Matchbox cars are often on sale for 88 cents at Target so this idea won’t break the bank if you have a small class.  If you don’t like to print or create your own cards you can order these printed cards from Minted.


My pre-schooler is more into art these days than cars so I picked this next idea with him in mind.

no candy school valentines

This idea comes from Life with Fingerprints who also includes the print out.   My son Mac  would love this idea (which is why I am not showing it to him, because then he will pout – FOMO).  We already got his Valentine’s as you will see below – so perhaps we can use this idea next year.


Here is an idea from It’s Always Autumn (who also offers the print out).   You could see if Target’s dollar bin or your dollar store has stocked these straws or these heart straws are available on Amazon here for just a bit more.

Idea 4:

dollar bin school valentines

I found all of these in the Target Dollar Bin.   The Dollar bin can be hit or miss and it might be difficult to find enough of a certain Valentine’s Day card if you have a higher number of students in the class. They had some cute options but I went on January 22nd.  By February the options will be getting fewer and fewer as Valentine’s Day gets closer.  With young children I think it’s best to stick to the same cards for the whole class so no one gets jealous.

Idea 5 (My favorite):

candy free valentine ideas minted classroom valentines

I am a semi-homemade kind of mom and my son’s valentines reflect that.   We chose these “Secret Admirer” Valentines from Minted.   These classroom size valentines show a photograph of my son Mac behind a silly disguise with the message “Happy Valentine’s Day from your Secret Admirer – Macson”.  We are going to attach a silly disguise (a dozen silly glasses are under $6 on Amazon) to each Valentine he hands out to his classmates.

If you prefer to order cards online some other cards we were debating on Minted‘s site that are less than a dollar each include:

I’d love to know what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day this year of follow you on Pinterest to see what is interesting you.   As always feel free to drop me a line, I love hearing from you guys.

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  • Pete
    January 27, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Mac is the man. Girls will be gaga.

      January 30, 2017 at 7:47 pm

      he is pretty cool!!! and sweet as the candy he wishes these valentine’s included 🙂