5 Wellness Resolutions With Jockey

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Today I’m partnering with Jockey to share outfits that correlate with some of my wellness resolutions for 2020. I don’t make many black and white resolutions, but this is a time of year to reflect and set achievable goals. In addition to sharing my Jockey workout and loungewear I thought I’d share what I’m working towards in 2020.

pinteresting plans blogger Rachel Moore in CrossFit gym in jacket floral leggings
Men’s Thermal Top (medium) // Men’s Zip Hem Pants (medium) // Men’s Activewear Underwear // Women’s Quilted Hoodie (small) // Fleece Lined Leggings (small)

Chris works out 6-7 days a week and he’s a huge fan of Jockey. From their workout undergarments and tights to their breathable gym pants he wears some piece of Jockey clothing just about everyday. I didn’t know if you’d want to see Chris in his workout tights so he wore these sweat wicking pants which he prefers more for lifting days. Chris wears his usual size in all of these pieces.

himteresting plans blogger chris Moore in jockey workout clothes

I’m a bit more leisurely. Sometimes you can catch me walking on my treadmill in my pajamas. Lucky for me Jockey has both great workout attire and loungewear. How cute is this cozy gray lounge set?

1. Get Better Sleep

jockey men's loungewear pieces - pinteresting plans fashion blog
Thermal Top (true to size) // Fleece Lounge Joggers (true to size)

I’ve mentioned on Instagram and Facebook I’m on a quest to become more of a morning person. I am so tired at night my evenings aren’t very productive. If I can get up an hour before my kids I really maximize that productive time when I’m awake, alert, and ALONE! Going to bed earlier and setting a gentle wake alarm has been helping me get closer to where I want to be!

The fleece joggers you see Chris wearing above are his new favorites. So soft and well fitting. They’re easy to pair with one of his favorite hoodies for running the kids to school or wear to bed.

2. Drink Less Wine

jockey fleecy soft pajamas with bell sleeves on pinteresting plans fasion blog
Lounge Top (wearing medium for an oversized fit) // Lounge Pants (small, size up if between )

To help me get better sleep I want to drink less wine. I am the only one in my house who drinks, but 1-2 glasses of wine while I’m working after the kids go to bed is something I look forward to. That said, my sleep is more disrupted after wine so I’m looking to skip a few days a week in 2020.

3. Walk 20 Minutes A Day

pink quilted sweatshirt CrossFit gym pinteresting plans blogger Rachel Moore

I love to run but come winter I’m not one for cold weather and I find myself hibernating. While working from home there were days last year I barely got in any steps. I figure if I commit to walking at least 20 minutes a day I can at least maintain momentum and most days I will beat that goal.

jockey loungewear on pinteresting plans blogger Rachel Moore

4. Eat Home More

This was something we really started last summer but plan to continue. Since Chris and I work from home I’m always tempted to get out of the house and skip cooking dinner by eating out. Not only is it costly, but it’s unhealthy compared to what we eat at home. Instead I try to keep some relatively healthy frozen options in the freezer for nights when I don’t feel like cooking.

Another thing that helps us with eating home is dividing up some of the meals. If Chris cooks just 1-2 dinners a week it takes a lot off my plate. On Sundays we try to look ahead to the week and plan out our shopping/dinners for the week days.

chris Moore of himteresting plans in home CrossFit gym in jockey workout gear

5. Better Screen Time Habits

I made efforts last year to spend less time consuming social media. If you’re doing the same but want to keep up with Pinteresting Plans you can sign up for my weekly newsletter which recaps tops social media posts and blog topics. We took away iPads from our kids last summer and it made a world of difference. So in order to be a good role model I’m working on setting my own boundaries when it comes to my phone (my screen culprit).

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If you’re reading this and have any wellness resolutions you’d like to share please leave a comment below! Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out some of the great specials Jockey is running online right now to help you stay active yet rested in 2020.

Thank you to Jockey for sponsoring today’s post.

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