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Where to Find Affordable Chromebooks for Remote Learning

best affordable chromebooks for kids virtual learning at home on pinteresting plans blog

Hi friends! The countdown is on for back to school in our household. Our district right now is planning for a “hybrid” return to school so my kids will be home 3 days a week and in school (with masks) 2 days a week. Today I’m partnering with eBay to share the affordable Chromebooks we grabbed for these remote learning days.

affordable ebay refurbished acer chromebook for kids remote learning

Last spring when Mac was in 1st grade they were pretty much winging it with remote learning. He called in for weekly class meetings in the Google classroom and had assignments to pass in through the same site. While at school, Mac has gotten used to a Chromebook but at home my husband and I each have an Apple laptop. Their operating systems are so different my son was frustrated and so were we since we both need our computers to work from home. Sharing was not as well as I’d hoped.

best affordable chromebook for elementary home school students on pinteresting plans blog

Chromebooks for Kids

So when the plan became clear that this year we would have TWO remote learners (Cam is starting kindergarten) we decided it would likely go smoother if they had their own technology. A lot of schools will loan you laptops but as you know kids are hard on their belongings and I wanted them to be able to download games and such to make these computers their own.

buying a used laptop for back to school remote learning

Affordable Refurbished Laptops

eBay has a ton of options for refurbished laptops that are very budget friendly. We grabbed two laptops for less than the price of one brand new. You can see from the photos these have some minor cosmetic blemishes (scratches and one was labeled with marker) but they function perfectly fine. You can see in the photo below my kids have been searching for Lego sets online more than they’ve been doing any educational activities….so far!

affordable chromebooks for remote learning

If you are sharing a computer at home with remote learners I know from experience that can create some stress so consider buying a more affordable refurbished laptop for “kids only” from eBay.

We have already implemented screen time rules (where and when they can be used) because the internet can be a scary place. So if you’re considering grabbing a refurbished laptop I would urge you to set restrictions from the beginning as well.

best affordable chromebooks for kids virtual learning at home on pinteresting plans blog

If you don’t have kids but are looking to set up a home office eBay has furniture and software that can make things easier in that way as well! You can check that out here.

Hope your transition into back to school goes smoothly! Thanks for stopping by!

And thank you to eBay for sponsoring today’s post.

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