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Holiday Photo Cards 2018

affordable holiday photo cards from walmart on pinteresting plans blog

Today I’m sharing our holiday cards in collaboration with Walmart.

I have always loved being home during the holiday season and one of the first things I check off my list is sending out my holiday photo cards.   My friends can tell you my goal is to be the first holiday card they receive the day after Thanksgiving!

Affordable Holiday Photo Cards

 affordable holiday photo cards from walmart on pinteresting plans blog

This year I kept our cards pretty simple.   I really like to make a funny holiday card but my Dad is still recovering in the nursing home and my kids are not always cooperative with pictures so I used a photo we had on hand from this holiday pajama post.   It was SO FAST and easy to order cards on and they arrived 5 days after I placed the order.  I got my cards done with record ease this year and I’m so glad to check it off my list.

pinteresting plans lifestyle blogger addressing affordable holiday photos cards

When it comes to holiday cards I find there are the photo paper and the card stock senders.   Which category do you fall into?  I have friends who send holiday cards on card stock with professionally taken family portraits and I feel terrible when I recycle them after the holidays.

Many people invest a lot of time and money in having the perfect holiday card and they look like they should be framed on the wall.   I have gone with photo paper most years because of the cost but on you can get card stock photo cards for an amazing price too!!   They even have foil stamped cards, which, in my opinion are the most stunning.  Next year I vow to do foil stamped cards because I love some holiday sparkle!

There is SOOO MUCH gifting this time of year between teachers, and grandparents, and stockings stuffers, and donating to those less fortunate – it all adds up.   So I am THRILLED that I got 100 holiday cards from Walmart for only $33!!!   I recall in past years paying over $200 on other sites – ouch!!!   This is my second year ordering my cards from Walmart because I feel like the amazing price doesn’t sacrifice any quality.

 affordable holiday photos cards 2018 on pinteresting plans blog

Another things I wanted to point out was that for no additional charge Walmart printed my return address on each envelope FOR FREE!!   This saved me a lot of time when I was getting our cards ready to mail.

 affordable holiday photo cards 2018 - rustic card with bright christmas lights

My kids really wanted me to include the colorful lights on our holiday card but there were lots of other gorgeous options to choose from so I wanted to share 10 of my favorites below in case it can save you some time sifting through all the great options:

The shipping cut-off for holiday cards is 12/14 but after that you can order many options for same day pick up in store.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful holiday season together.  Make sure to check back in my holiday shop for more ways to simply your holiday shopping.   I have lots of gift guides coming out over the next couple weeks.   You can also sign up for my newsletter if you don’t want to miss a post.

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  • Briana
    November 20, 2018 at 3:51 am

    So lovely! I love a sweet, thoughtful holiday card!