All About Dune

mini sheepadoodle on bed

Dune is our mini sheepadoodle who joined the family last summer. He was born in May of 2021 at Lawrenson Doodles. His Dad was a 15 pound miniature poodle and his mother a 70 pound sheepdog.

Dune is considered a “merle” dog because of his color pattern and he has one blue and one brown eye. There is a Native American legend that dogs with one blue eye and one brown eye have one eye on earth, and one on Heaven.

How Big Will Dune Get?

Dune is full grown in the low 30 lbs. for weight. He hasn’t been to the vet in awhile. I can carry him and while he can’t quite counter surf he has learned to jump ONTO the kitchen island.

What’s His Temperament?

Dune is enamored with me but listens best to Chris. We hired a trainer when he was about 6 months which helped a lot with things like pulling on the leash and jumping.

Does He Shed?

No! Which we love. But he needs to be brushed regularly to avoid matted hair. I have him groomed every 4-10 weeks depending on the time of year (I keep him short in the summer because of the heat).

Was He Hard To House Train?

Nope! Chris used a YouTube video to teach him to ring these bells at the front door when he needs to go outside to relieve himself.

What Does He Eat?

I feed Dune the beef and turkey options of the Farmer’s Dog food.

What Are His Favorite Toys and Treats?

This penguin has been a toy that has stuck around since he was a puppy. You can fill it with treats, water, peanut butter, the options are endless. Freezing it adds a little extra time for them to work on it.

Chris has been playing tennis lately and Dune has got his paws on a few of these. He loves them!

These are great for puppies and chewers. There are tons of different types of Nyla bones but here is one we like and more linked below.

Mini training treats are a must. Something that’s “high reward”. They’re so tiny they dont make you feel too bad about using them so frequently during puppy training. Admittedly, Dune loves carrots too which has been great. We also like these grass fed bully sticks to occupy him when he seems bored.

Shop all of Dune’s favorite toys and treats below:

What Do You Recommend For New Puppies?

We had so many recommendations when Dune was a puppy. Here are some of the items we found helpful!

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