Amazon Beauty Favorites

amazon beauty favorites

We all love Amazon for its convenience and accessibility. My monthly purchases usually range from toiletries to home decor and everything in between. Today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite beauty products from Amazon as well as a few tried and true favorites from Team Pinteresting Plans! I also polled readers to see what you are all loving from the Amazon beauty category to create a list of favorites. Scroll down to see our Amazon beauty favorites!

Pinteresting Plans Favorites

MakeUp Eraser | Hair Dance Volumizing Shampoo | Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen | CND Longwear Top Coat | Tinkle Face Razors | Maybelline New York Eyebrow Pencil | Wet Brush | Jamaican Black Castor Oil | CeraVE Facial Moisturizing Lotion | Vitamin E | CND Longwear Nail Polish | Vitamin C Serum | Magnifying Lighted Mirror | Lumify Eye Drops | Laneige Lip Mask

Rachel’s Favorites:

MakeUp Eraser Towel – I have been using this for years. It’s like a precleanse that takes off the majority of makeup because I use face wash with JUST WATER. No chemicals, not drying, and most of my makeup is wiped clean with just the makeup eraser and water.

Hair Dance Volumizing Shampoo – I’m new to using this dry shampoo but I was looking for something that was not a spray so the application is really what I liked most about this. It gives my hair grit so it provides some volume while it soaks up grease.

CND Longwear Top Coat– I’ve been using this nail polish for years. It’s lasts about a week for me. My favorite shades are “Romantique” and “Cream Puff”. The top coat really makes it last.

Tinkle Face Razors – I use this not only to get rid of peach fuzz but also to exfoliate the top layer of skin.

Vitamin C Serum – this is a great alternative to the pricy Skinceuticals brand.

Magnifying Lighted Mirror – should you be blessed with chin hairs and bushy brows, this lighted mirror pairs well with tweezers.

Vitamin E Oil – this oil is thick (I recommend the lavender scent) but it absorbs better than other face oils I have used. I’ve used it on and off for years and it’s never caused breakouts. I use it on my face in the evening but it’s also great on your cuticles.

Honest Mascara – my favorite mascara for several years now! It’s a primer at one end of the tube and mascara at the other end. After about 2 months I add a couple drops of water to refresh the mascara every couple weeks to stretch it to about 3-4 months of use.

Kate’s Favorites:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil – Works just as well as the high priced lash serums!

Lumify Eye Drops – These eye drops are a game changer for tired eyes!

Laneige Lip Mask – Apply before bed, and wake up with soft, moisturized lips!

Haley’s Favorites:

Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen – I’ve used this for over 10+ years because it’s that good!

Maybelline New York Eyebrow Pencil – I like that the brush is included and you only need one brow product.

CeraVE Facial Moisturizing Lotion– this is a great drugstore moisturizer that doesn’t break the bank so you can splurge on other products like retinol!

Pinteresting Plans Reader Favorites

Elta MD UV Sunscreen

Bio Oil Skincare Oil

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Oil for Face

MyChelle Tinted SPF for Face

NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette

Advanced Clinicals Retinal Skin Firming Cream

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Oil

The Spatty and Spatty Daddy

Foundation Brush 3 Piece Set

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Exfoliating Scrub

Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

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