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You Asked, I Answered :) Q & A

spring cardigan outfit idea

spring cardigan outfit idea

How tall are you?

Starting easy.  I’m 5’11”.

Do you like living in Connecticut?

Yes!   My Dad is quite debilitated with Parkinson’s Disease and Grandmas are the best babysitters.   So I have no plans to leave Connecticut even though the Winters can drag on.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of blogging?

Favorite has been connecting with so many other gals online.   With two kids it’s hard to socialize as much as I used to so I get to talk to girls I’ve met through blogging on a daily basis and I’ve met so many like-minded ladies on this adventure.    My least favorite part is when I become stressed and feel like keeping up with blogging is taking away from my family time.   It’s a juggling act being a part-time working, part-time stay at home mom, and running a blog.   For me, an idle mind wanders (and not always to good places), so keeping busy keeps me happy.

Favorite healthy and indulgent foods:

I’m a food lover so it’s hard to narrow down.   I eat pretty healthy at home but when I am out to eat I’m the first one to dive into the bread basket.   I eat large meals but I’m not usually one to snack.  In college I struggled with an eating disorder so committing to a balanced/healthy lifestyle helped me break that cycle.   I am a salt lover, so I’m more weak for nachos and pizza than cookies.   I make lots of roasted veggies with dinners and use leftovers in eggs or as a side with lunch.  Right now I am loving an easy Asian chicken salad for lunch that I’m making with this peanut sauce (I tweak some ingredients to my dietary preferences – I try to avoid soy and use maple syrup instead of sugar) thinned out as a dressing.

How do you stay fit?

Staying fit and staying thin are totally different.  I was an avid exerciser for over a decade.   I ran the day I delivered my first son.   But life happened, and when my younger son was just turning 3 months old my husband went off to rehab and I fell out of habit.  Breastfeeding has kept me thin but I only just rejoined a gym, so I essentially took 1.5 years off from good exercise habits.   I love to run but to stay fit I love a high intensity group class like a bootcamp the best.  I sleep much better when I exercise.

How often do I shave my legs?

Ha. Not often.  I had laser hair removal about 6 years ago on my lower legs so I barely ever shave in the Winter.  It was money well spent!!  Same with the money I spent on Lasik eye surgery.

How do I shoot in the freezing cold?

I blast the heat in the car and jump out for a few pictures and the cycle repeats.

What is my daily routine?   How do I juggle it all?

I get asked this a lot and believe me, I am all over the place (sort of like the clothes in my room).   I did a post a couple months ago with 5 tips for time management.  I am the type that likes to stay busy.   I am “relaxed” getting things done.   As far as managing my social media (which really ends up only being Instagram) – I prepare as much as I can the night before and then start my day posting while I cook breakfast or in bed if my kids are still sleeping.   My husband is super supportive which means he picks up a lot of slack with the kids.   So I post first thing in the morning while my family is sleeping or my hubby is watching the kids, then take my older son to nursery school and my younger one tags along with me for errands, the playground, or the gym.  I post again when my little guy naps and try to get at least one picture done during that time (mirror selfies, flat lays, etc) and respond to emails.   Then I work frantically on blog posts and social shares for the following day from about 8pm-11pm.   I used to go out with friends a few nights a week but since almost everyone has now had kids our social outings are further between.

What trend do you wish you could wear but doesn’t suit you?

Florals.   I just don’t feel like myself wearing them but I think they’re gorgeous.

How has your style evolved over the years?   What’s changed and what has stayed the same?

My bestie since middle school left this question – and she and I used to put on black lipstick and polyester jumpsuits as teens.  How it has stayed the same: I’ve always loved denim and loved to dabble in trends.  I have always leaned towards neutrals but as I get older I have more trouble wearing bright colors and patterns.   I feel like my style is simplifying from the crazy stuff I wore in middle school (I should find some pictures).  It’s definitely a work in progress and I have not fine tuned a signature style….yet.  I find the louder the outfit, the more I look back at it with regret.

How do I manage writing blog posts?

I work on blog posts when my kids are sleeping, generally late into the evening.

What’s my favorite part of being a mother?

Motherhood has helped me soften a lot of my insecurities.  Whenever I start to beat myself up about physical flaws I think about how my kids love me unconditionally.   Without undereye concealer or even brushing my teeth, they still want to attach themselves to me day (and ALL) night.  If I were 20 pounds heavier my kids wouldn’t love me any less.  It’s very humbling to be responsible for two humans who thrive on not much more than my showing them love and kindness.   That said, some days I do not feel cut out to be a stay at home mom which is a whole separate topic.

How did I decide to go into the medical field?

My Dad has suffered from Parkinson’s Disease since I was a little girl.   As a child I was interested in medical research – in hopes I could cure his disease.  As I got older I realized I was better suited to be at the bedside than in a lab.   I worked as a staff nurse in several hospitals while I attended grad school.  I took my current job as a cardiology nurse practitioner in 2009.

Have I had trouble ordering from Shein?

No, I haven’t.  See my Shein review in this post.

Favorite Place to Shop?

Nordstrom.   Best return policy.   Easy shipping.   Easy to price match.



There have been more questions I am forgetting to add, so feel free to drop something in the comments if you want me to add anything.  Thanks for much for readings.  I’m HONORED 🙂

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  • Rose Marie
    April 17, 2017 at 1:31 am

    Thank you for answering my questions, I loved your responses! So thoughtful, honest, and refreshing 🙂

  • Brittany
    June 4, 2017 at 3:35 am

    Great q&a…I have a question. who are your fashion icons/inspirations?

    • Rachel
      June 6, 2017 at 6:16 pm

      as far as celebs I love Jennifer Aniston’s style as well as cameron Diaz. there are also a lot of bloggers I adore. thanks for reading.