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Automate Your Self Care

best self care and wellness must haves for mom on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog
best self care and wellness must haves for mom on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog
best self care products for mom on pinteresting plans blog

As a Mom I find it sometimes overwhelming trying to keep up with groceries, cleaning supplies, and self care items for the whole family. I try to keep on top of it, but we have definitely run out of paper towels, shampoo on several occasions. Today I’m partnering with Athena Club to share a new service I just added to cut down on the hassle of keeping my self care items stocked so I never find myself in a pinch.

Hopefully you were not one of the unlucky ones who didn’t have toilet paper during the COVID stay home orders. We had toilet paper but I ran out of other items like lotion, deodorant, and razors during the months at home.

athena club body wash shaving foam and dewy body lotion
Products: Shave Foam // Body Wash // Dewy Body Lotion // Razor Kit

Low Cost, High Quality, Transparent Ingredient Body Care

If you’re like me and you’re looking to prolong a faux tan I love this fast absorbing lotion from Athena Club. It comes with a pump so it’s easy to throw on after a shower.

athena club self care body care and wellness products on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog
Products: All Day Deo // Soft Face Wipes // Daily Probiotic // Daily Multivitamin

Health Conscious Deodorant That Works!

I stopped wearing antiperspirant about a decade ago because of the health concerns it presents and I never found a safer deodorant I really liked. This Athena Club deodorant is great and it leads out the controversial ingredients like aluminum and parabens.

best all natural aluminum free deodorant for women - pinteresting plans blog
All Day Deodorant

There are 2 scents, both are subtle but amazing. It is the best smelling deodorant I have ever used! The No. 1 smells like pina colada to me and the other has a rose, yet woodsy scent.

While you can make a one time purchase to try the deodorant once you realize how great it is you can set the order to repeat itself every 2, 3, or 4 months through Athena Club’s website.

athena club best shave razor kit for women

Razors on Repeat

My favorite thing to automate is razors! I am prone to ingrown hairs on the back of my legs so if I don’t keep up with shaving I tend to get bumps back there that are obvious when I’m wearing shorts or swimsuits. So automating a sharp razor to come at my preferred frequency is a good reminder for me to change my blade to keep up with the ideal exfoliating effect that goes along with shaving.

best self care products for mom on pinteresting plans blog

Athena Club allows you to set and forget how often you want to receive razor head refills. Besides the convenience, these razors are SUPER AFFORDABLE and AWESOME quality (not a sure way to nick yourself like most lower cost razors)! It’s only $9 a month for the starter kit and then you can decide how often you want replacement razor heads. For me that takes something off my plate and it’s MORE AFFORDABLE than the razors I was buying at my local drug store (along with the cost of impulse purchases that go along with in store shopping).

If you enjoy the convenience of online shopping I encourage you to check out the Athena Club products. Not only are they quality, health conscious products but you can ORDER ONCE, and NEVER RUN OUT! Free up time for things more fun than running out to the store for razors.


Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you to Athena Club for partnering on this post.

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  • Briana
    August 5, 2020 at 3:43 pm

    Ooo I have to try!


    • Rachel
      August 6, 2020 at 11:22 am

      thank you Briana! you’ll love it!!