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Back to School Clothes Shopping Essentials

boys affordable back to school outfit ideas

While July is busy squeezing in lots of summer memories, it is also the time to start thinking about back to school shopping. I’m partnering with Walmart to share some affordable back to school shopping basics and tips. Walmart is a great one-stop-shop for back to school because not only can you get all your school supplies, but you can get the kids stocked up on new outfits too. Plus, with the speed these kids grow, it’s nice to not break the bank over pieces that might only fit them for one season!

boys affordable back to school outfit ideas
My Outfit: Top // Skort // Shoes
Mac’s Outfit: Top // Pants // Shoes
Cam’s Outfit: Top // Pants // Shoes

Cam and I are wearing the same shirt.  I am ashamed to admit that my kids were wearing matching outfits and I didn’t love my shirt so I ripped the shirt off Mac’s back 🙈.  I’m wearing boys’ size 10/12 😂 and he had a cute tie dye as a great Plan B outfit.

If you are shopping for more than one little, they even have a convenient shop by age option for back to school shopping, making it THAT much easier.

budget friendly back to school outfit ideas for the family on pinteresting plans blog
My Outfit: Tank Top // Overalls // Shoes

Comfy Bottoms

Kids can be funny about bottoms. And, honestly, I don’t blame them. Nothing is worse than having to wear uncomfortable pants. It’s great to go for options without the hassle of buttons or zippers.

These pants come as a two pack or you can buy them individually.  They have an elastic waist if you have kiddos who complain about button front pants 🙋‍♀️. Mac has just grown out of size 8 clothes but size 10/12 is still a bit roomy so I cuff his pants which is both practical and stylish.

affordable back to school clothes shopping on pinteresting plans blog
Mac’s Outfit: Shirt // Jacket // Pants // Shoes // Backpack
Cam’s Outfit: Sweater // Pants // Shoes
back to school clothing essentials for 2nd graders

Layering Pieces

Mac is channeling his inner Miami Vice school boy look.  I can’t handle it 🥰. I love this classic denim jacket for Mac because he can layer it over button-ups, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, and more.

I always want to have good layering pieces for myself, and I stock up on them for the boys too. This makes their tops more versatile giving them multiple ways to wear. Finding ways to wear the same items a few ways just means we can avoid overbuying pieces. The short sleeved hoodie Cam and I are wearing in this photos can be layered over a long sleeve tee as temperatures cool down.

boys back to school outfit ideas for 5 year olds on pinteresting plans blog

I also got the boys this camo jacket! It’s by the brand Wonder Nation which is probably my favorite kids’ label at Walmart. They have so many cute items for boys and girls.

Shop for No Hassle Slip-On Shoes for Kids

Raise your hand if you love tying shoelaces 15x a day and waiting 20 minutes while your youngest child tries to achieve the perfect bow.

*no one raises their hands*

Simple shoes are a must for back to school. Your mornings are hectic enough, let’s not add a shoe fiasco to the mix. Something that has easy velcro straps is a great choice because they can do it themselves. And, you can save their teacher from having to retie them all day. Better yet, slip-on is the best time-saver.

Kids Back to School Backpacks

boys school outfit ideas for elementary school

If your kids have certain characters or shows they love then they might want every t-shirt with their favorite characters. A good compromise is to let them get a backpack with them on it! It gives them a chance to show their individual style without having to buy them graphic tees for every day of the week! The boys got a Lego and Paw Patrol backpack last year, but Mac is sporting camo this year.

girls and boys back to school affordable outfit ideas

Back to School Clothing for Boys & Girls

As you guys know, I’m hashtag boy mom over here. But I wanted to share some fun inspiration for girls! Plus, it allows me to live a little vicariously through other girl moms. Just like with my boys, I suggest comfy pants and these cute jeans have good reviews.


There are a lot more options for shoes when it comes to girl style, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Stick with colors that pair well and shoes that slip on and off easily.


must have 2nd grade school supply list 2020

2nd Grade School Supply Checklist

And, let’s not forget when it’s time to stock up on your kids back to school supplies, head to Walmart to save yourself some time and money. These are some of the supplies from Mac’s 2nd grade school supply list.


Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post.

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