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Basin Harbor Resort Review

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Scenic Lake Front Views

My family and I just got back from 2 nights at the Basin Habor Resort in Vermont.  It’s the quintessential New England family vacation.   So many families we met at the resort had been vacationing there for DECADES!!!   I’m sharing what you’ll want to know before staying at the Basin Harbor Resort in today’s post.

Basin Harbor Resort Review

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Family Outdoor Chess

I’ve heard the Basin Harbor Resort referred to as a family Summer camp.   It did remind me “glamping” – hitting all the highlights of my childhood sleep away camp with much better food and shower options.  There are also several bars on premises (including one at the pool).   The sleep away camp I attended as a child didn’t serve booze – just sayin’.

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Adorable Cottage

The Accommodations

There are several options for where you want to stay on the resort – we were lucky to end up in a 2 bedroom cottage.   This allowed my husband and I space to relax after our kids went to bed.   The cabin was air conditioned and clean.   While they weren’t particularly fancy – we didn’t come to spend time in the cottage.   The stay was very quiet and comfortable.

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Scenic Lake Front Views

Why Vermont?

I’m not a snow lover so while Vermont is well known for the ski slopes I prefer their Summers.   Basin Habor Resort is located on Lake Champlain and offers SO MANY outdoor activities for the family.   It’s the perfect place to unplug from the fast pace lifestyle many of us get caught up in (I’m so guilty).   We are currently living through a lengthy home renovation so this was the PERFECT place to unwind.  The August weather could not have been more perfect than it was during our stay.

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Camp Fire


The Food

The food at Basin Habor Resort was AMAZING!!!   I have been to LOTS of fancy dinner meetings when I was nurse practitioner and the food at Basin Harbor Resort exceeded most high end restaurants I’ve eaten at.   There are a lot of dining options (and meal plans) for families that are kid friendly and appeal to the healthier eaters as well.  We have been eating out more than usual since our kitchen is apart of our home renovation so I was thrilled to see so many salad and veggie options at meal time.

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Awesome Food/Presentation

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Delicious Food

I highly recommend the lobster bake they do at the dock a few nights a week.  It’s so well put together and everyone there had a great time.   They conclude the evening with smores as the band entertains the crowd.

Basin Harbor Resort Review - S'more Time

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Dessert Time

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Family Bonfire

For the Kids:

There’s a morning kids camp for younger kids included with the cost of your stay!   UMMM – YES PLEASE!!!!!    If you’re a parent of pre-school age kids you can probably relate to the struggle of trying to relax on vacation with young kids.   My kids were super excited after reading the camp itinerary and had a great time while my husband and I worked out and caught up on adult things like showering and work emails.

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Kids Camp Schedule

Water Activities

The pool at the Basin Harbor Resort was so WARM!!!   We even got Cam into the water (he’s normally completely averse to water – insisting it’s too cold).

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Pool Time

There are also a lot of swimming and boating activities right on Lake Champlain.   The trampoline was very popular and my older son made his first trip off the diving board this week!!

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Water Trampoline/Lake

There’s an afternoon boat cruise (for a small additional fee) around Lake Champlain.   The captain (Marty) was so nice and let Mac “drive”.    We learned a lot of REALLY interesting stuff about the area but I warn you my 3 year old got antsy.   The cruise lasts 1.5 hours….so consider the attention span of your audience.    Most age groups would love this activity but my 3 year old lost a bit of interest after the first half of the trip.

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Driving the Boat


Basin Harbor Resort Review - Boat Time


If you’re looking for a unique family vacation and considering New England I HIGHLY recommend Basin Harbor Resort.    We made so many great memories there and really got a chance to unwind together.    My kids are already asking when we can go back and I’m missing the frozen poolside cocktails.    Is it really almost time to head back to school!?!?!

Basin Harbor Resort Review - Oversized Outdoor Chess


Several of you messaged me on Instagram that you’d been to the resort and were feeling so nostalgic.   If you’re looking to get outdoors for some family bonding I can’t say enough what a great time you’d have at the Basin Harbor Resort.    We can’t wait to go back!!

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