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>>This post is written by Marissa<<

I’ve shared with Rachel that my highest-self has the best undergarments for my body. A good bra can level up an outfit. I’ll admit, I was overdue for a re-order recently and stalled way too long. If that’s you, here is your sign! While I have bras on the brain I decided to put together a list of our favorite regular bras, sports bras, and bras for comfort. We even asked Rachel’s MIL, Jane, which her favorite was. It’s no surprise it’s highly rated and a bargain deal!

Having a larger chest (38DDD), I find I have different bra choices depending on activity, outfit choice, or comfort. When I asked Rachel for her favorites, I realized this may be unique to me, or gals with larger chests. She has two go-to’s, which I am a bit envious about.

The Best Everyday Bras

For everyday wear this nude bra is Rachel’s go-to choice. It’s smooth, comfortable, and can often be found on sale! I know Rach isn’t the only fan of this bra and many of you covet this brand and style as well. When it comes to bras and underwear it’s nude or bust for Rachel. With all the clothing try-ons, she’s learned it’s the only fail proof color.

Next are my favorite everyday bras. I have worn both of these to the ground and just placed a re-order. This minimizing bra smooths things out while still providing a feminine shape. There is no extra lining and the underwire is supportive. I’d say this bra is specific to ladies with a larger chest.

Large chest or not this next bra is another favorite. It’s budget friendly (many are not when you are above a DD) and bit more attractive. It can be really hard to find an attractive bra when you are larger chested and I think this one is on the prettier side. Like the previous bra this has no lining, which is a must for me. The thinner straps on this bra make it more ideal for summer when I have a tank or dress that may need that. Because of its lace, this bra is not great for anything sheer.

Our Favorite Sports Bras

I’d sworn off finding a sports bra I liked after Moving Comfort changed the way they made their bras. I still own that bra and will morn the day it rips but this past year I found two NEW sports bras to write home about. This first sports bra is a follower recommendation – THANK YOU. It is SO comfortable and buttery soft. Two rare things to find in a bra meant for big boobs: a divider in the middle so you don’t get a uni-boob and straps that convert to racer back. So many sports bras are not racer back yet all the cute sporty shirts out there are. This one gives you the option to do either! The higher chest is also nice so there is no chance of spillage. My other favorite sports bra is this girlfriend collective bra. Rachel introduced me to a term called “brami”. Which is like a bra and a cami in one, this bra gives off those vibes. I like that it has bit more length so I can wear it without a tank. I own it in about 5 colors and have a few of the matching leggings and biker shorts – so cute as sets! I would not wear this to run or anything high impact but I do wear this while I Peloton and walk.

Rachel’s pick for her favorite sports bra is this one. It’s has slightly molded cups so you don’t have a pancaked chest.

Bras for Comfort

Unfortunately it is not in my cards to walk around the house with no bra. Or it is but it’s a sight to see. This bra is a buttery layer of light support with no underwire. Perfect for lazy mornings, evenings, and weekends. I dont know about you but when I get home, taking off my underwire bra is a top priority!

Some of our best recommendations come from our readers so if you have one we need to try, drop it below or message us on Instagram!

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