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Blue Gray Laundry Cabinet Colors

Popping in with some laundry room cabinet paint color inspiration. I am generally a neutral lover and shy away from color but I wanted a blue gray cabinet color for our laundry room. Paint is pretty easy to change if you are indecisive and have a change of heart down the road.

Cabinet Paint // Spray Paint use for Hardware (vintage gold) // Floor Tile // Washer // Dryer // Hamper (large)

When I painted our laundry room a year ago we didn’t have a paint sprayer….yet! You can find paint sprayers at all different price points and I wish I’d had the nerve to try one sooner. This is the exact paint sprayer we have because we bought it to do a large outdoor project. It’s more than you need for cabinet painting in my opinion. Spraying the cabinet doors gives the smoothest finish and also saves a ton of time.

I have painted MANY cabinets in our current home outside of the laundry room. These bathrooms are examples of existing vanities we updated with paint.

To prep existing cabinets I sand first and then wipe them down with a tack cloth and then with Krud Kutter. That has been enough prep that we have not had issues with paint peeling or chipping.

I love how the blue gray laundry cabinets look but I would not use chalk paint again in such a big area. I used this Americana Decor “Vintage” chalk paint in our laundry room. The benefit of chalk paint over latex paint is that I do less prep (as in I clean them with normal grease cutting spray cleaner).

I wanted to suggest some sprayable blue gray laundry cabinet options along with countertop pairings at different price points. I have used the cabinet paint by Sherin Williams and Benjamin Moore and have liked both.

I suggest paint samples, as swatches don’t give the most accurate depiction of color.

Countertops like laminate and butcher block are more affordable than something like quartz, marble, or my personal favorite porcelain (see an example of porcelain countertops in our kitchen).

There are a wide variety of great flooring options for laundry rooms. Let me know if you are looking for suggestions!! I did a review of the inexpensive peel and stick tile we used in our laundry room in this blog post. It’s such a fun place to have a little fun with the design because it’s generally much smaller than a kitchen so it’s less expensive to change in the future.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!!

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