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Boys Bedroom Ideas

boys bedroom ideas - beachy boys bedroom on pinteresting plans blog

Hi guys!   Today I’m collaborating with The Home Depot to share boys bedroom ideas.   By the “before” photo below you can probably tell I was letting my kids make all the decorating decisions in their room leading up to this bedroom makeover.  I often feel unnerved to share my home online because I’m just an everyday mom without brilliant decorating or photography skills and, well, CLUTTER!  But with the holidays coming and potential overnight guests spending the night in this room I wanted to refresh my boys’ bedroom.    All of the furniture and decor I used was from The Home Depot.   You might be surprised by all the wonderful decor The Home Depot offers online.

Boys Bedroom ideas - before and after Makeover on Pinteresting Plans blog

To conquer sleep issues, my boys started sharing a bed earlier this year and it’s been great, but their shared “bed” was a mattress on the floor.  They loved the idea of bunk beds but didn’t want to sleep alone in twin beds.  They decided together they wanted to continue to share a room with one queen bed and I took to The Home Depot to look for inspiration.

Boys Bedroom Ideas

I have mentioned in other posts that I love how The Home Depot, under their “Home Decor & Furniture” tab on their home page, lets you “shop by room”.  If you’re looking to refresh a room in your home I’d encourage you to check there for inspiration.  Since I was looking to renovate my kids’ bedroom I looked under the “explore kids’ rooms” tab.  Here are some of my favorites (you can click the photo to shop the room on The Home Depot’s site).


boys bedroom ideas - farmhouse bunkbeds

image via The Home Depot


modern farmhouse boys bedroom ideas

image via The Home Depot

I took inspiration from this holiday farmhouse bedroom.

holiday farmhouse boys bedroom ideas

Image via The Home Depot


Before and After Boys Bedroom Makeover

boys bedroom ideas - before photo of bedroom on pinteresting plans blog

I had a lot of patching and painting to do after taking down all the spirited wall decorations my kids had put up.  In the future I’m likely to shy away from “removable” wall decals because they removed the wall’s paint along with the stickers themselves.

For Kids’ Rooms I Like A “Theme”

Did you read this post I wrote about labeling your decor style?   Mine is coastal farmhouse, which you can see reflected in the pieces I selected from The Home Depot.  I specifically wanted their room to have nautical vibes which you can hopefully pick up on by the decor I selected.

boys bedroom ideas - white dresser on pinteresting plans blog

boys bedroom ideas - beachy boys bedroom on pinteresting plans blog

Since our rooms aren’t too large I like to keep things light and bright to make the space feel bigger.  You can see the farmhouse inspired details on the wood bed and dresser.  The bed and dresser need assembly.  I’m thankful my husband enjoys that because I do not.

The Home Depot carries tons of coastal inspired home decor.   Did you catch my living room refresh this summer?    I LOVE this rope accent table that’s acting as a night table in my boys’ room and my kids use these large wood dice to play games at bedtime.

If you have a beach house or like a coastal theme these wood oars are such a good piece of statement wall decor that doesn’t break the bank.   They aren’t super heavy and come with wall hooks that allow you to hang them horizontally (as I did above the headboard) or vertically.

 boys bedroom ideas - dresser decor on pinteresting plans blog

boys bedroom ideas - bedroom makeover on pinterestingplans blog

This tic tac toe board as been a popular piece that’s rotated through just about every room in my house.    It makes a great gift and a fun coffee table piece.

 boys bedroom ideas - nautical themed boys bedroom via pinteresting plans style blog

If you click over to this rope door stop on Home Depot’s website they show it displayed atop a small stack of books on a night table.   It looks so cute styled that way too!!

 boys bedroom ideas - storage truck for toys and books on pinteresting plans blog

This wood chest was functioning as our coffee table, but my kids’ bookshelf was so cluttered looking all the time, I decided to use this for book storage in their bedroom.  The wood anchor is another piece of coastal wall decor you can find on The Home Depot.

 boys bedroom ideas - beachy boys bedroom on pinteresting plans blog

I have almost all jute rugs in my home.   This 8′ X 10′ striped jute rug comes in a few color options.   I debated the blue stripes but ultimately decided on something more neutral.   Should we decide to switch things up down the road I can use this rug in another room.  Jute isn’t as soft under foot as some synthetic fibers but I love it.

 boys bedroom ideas - nautical themed room on pinteresting plans blog

Holiday Decorations For a Boys’ Bedroom

The bedroom I originally took inspiration from on The Home Depot’s site had SO MUCH cute holiday decor.  We kept it a bit more simple since my kids don’t spend much time in their bedroom aside from sleeping.  I added this red plaid bedding that is SO AFFORDABLE and these fun snowflake lights.

The “comforter” is more like a coverlet so it’s on the thin side, but my kids don’t stay below the covers at night so that’s not a concern for me.   I think the plaid set is so cute but I did mistakenly order “full” size bedding for a queen size bed.   It works for us because we have the bed against the wall to minimize overnight fallout episodes, but the bedding will be short on a queen bed that’s centered on a wall.

You Can Shop Mac’s and Cam’s Room By Tapping The Images Below:

If you haven’t thought of The Home Depot for home decor I would HIGHLY suggest you check out their selection.  Unlike some other online furniture and home decor retailers, many of us live a short distance from The Home Depot.   I have returned furniture to The Home Depot where I feel stuck with some “miss” pieces I’ve ordered from online-only retailers.  I can’t speak highly enough about the folks who work at the Home Depot in West Hartford, Connecticut!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  If I missed anything you have a question about please drop a comment below.

Thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring today’s post.

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  • Kristin
    December 19, 2018 at 11:51 pm

    I love it! I have a 15yo son and I’ve always struggled with decorating his room. And I never would’ve thought of Home Depot! Thanks!

    • Rachel
      December 20, 2018 at 3:13 am

      Thanks Kristin!!
      I tend to need to see things in my own space to make a final decision so I LOVE that Home Depot accepts returns in store. They are great. I get almost all my home purchases there because of it but according to my husband very little hasn’t worked out for me 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!!