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Branding Tips for Vacation Rentals

Do you invest in real estate? Short term rentals are a fun way to enter the space and today’s post is about branding your short term rental in partnership with Shutterfly. We’re sharing three fun ways to brand your short term rental, you can even use my code SHOPSTYLERACHEL to shop these items (and more) with an additional 5% off site wide promos!

Logo and Social Media

It’s no secret I am a big believer in the power of social media. With that comes creating a brand I know my community relates to and wants to follow along to. You guys are like friends and family and I want our renters to feel the same way! This is an easy and fun way to do that. We had so much fun creating a logo and then adding it to items that we would keep at our rental. This personalized welcome mat seemed like a perfect entrance!

Picking a Color Palette

I’ll be honest, Marissa helped me with this and the logo but there are plenty of websites that can help you decide a color palette (Canva being one). I knew for our account I wanted there to be colors from the water and the sand. Here’s a picture of the color palette and some designer canvas prints from Shutterfly that helped bring these colors into our space. It was so easy to find prints that matched our color palette with all of the new patterns and styles Shutterfly has to offer. Their latest expansion into the custom design space had us covered!

Consider Your Target Customer

Whether we’re posting something on our feed or outfitting the rental space, I always have my customer in mind. As a mom, I know we are heavily invested in making sure we pick the perfect vacation location, rental, and activities. Usually lovely ladies like myself are who I’m talking to! I made sure to outfit the house with personalized items like, books with local eats and activities, stainless steel mugs for coffee or cocktails, playing cards, and coozies!

I hope you have as much fun as we did outfitting our space! Shutterfly’s new collection offers over 4,000 unique designs from over 600 differentIndependent Artists around the globe, spanning across 29 unique products. Be sure to use my code SHOPSTYLERACHEL for an additional 5% off sitewide promos!

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