Camo Outfits For Boys

camo outfits for boys (and moms) on pinteresting plans fashion blog

Admittedly I’ve gone overboard when it comes to the camo trend.  And now it’s creeping into my kids’ drawers more and more too.   Today I wanted to share camo outfits for boys in collaboration with Nordstrom.   You know I love Nordstrom for my clothes but did you know they have an amazing kids’ department as well?

Camo Outfits for Boys

 camo outfits for boys (and moms) on pinteresting plans connecticut fashion blog

When it comes to clothing – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….in some areas.   My kids love COZY!!!    Anything fleecy, soft, or elastic waist they want in on.  But unlike me, my older son loves rainbows and embraces a much more colorful wardrobe when he can.   He knows I love camo so he’s taken to the trend lately and I wanted to share some of his favorite pieces.

 camo outfits for boys - joggers with striped sweater and nike sneakers - pinteresting plans fashion blog

I may be partial – but EEEEK – such a kissable little face.

Cam, like his mom, is into oversized sweatshirts with leggings.  My boys both love leggings but I don’t clue them in that I grab them from the girls’ department.

 camo outfits for boys - camo hoodie and nike sneakers - pinteresting plans fashion blog

The only time they’d both look at the camera was when I let them toss wet leaves on my (somewhat) freshly washed hair.   Is day 2 somewhat freshly washed?

fall camo outfits for boys on pinteresting plans fashion blog

 camo outfits for boys (and moms) on pinteresting plans fashion blog

 camo outfits for boys and mom on pinteresting plans fashion blog

My kids gravitate towards sweatpants and character tees.  I love my sweats too – enough that I call them “joggers” so they’re fashiony enough to wear out to lunch.   Mac’s camo joggers fit true to size.  I prefer to pair camo with something like stripes or a solid henley and the striped sweater Mac is wearing is so soft he doesn’t realize it’s a sweater.  He turns his nose at sweaters and button downs these days.

Cam’s Mini Boden camo sweatshirt is SHERPA LINED!!!   Where there is fleece – there is an outfit mother and child can agree on!



And I can’t leave out the moms since I don’t think any other kindergarten boys are Pinteresting Plans readers.  Camo is one of the easier ways to coordinate with your sons if you are a boy mom like me.  My camo top (it’s in between a sweatshirt and tee and super soft, wearing XS) and my other favorite women’s camo pieces are below:

Do you dress your kids similar to yourself?   I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. 


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