Casual Winter Dress 2017 and the BEST Face Self Tanner Recommendations

casual Winter dress with taupe over the knee boots

Along with a casual Winter dress that would be perfect for the holidays I wanted to share a list of the face self tanners you all so kindly recommended.

Casual Winter Dress

casual Winter dress with taupe over the knee boots

casual Winter dress under pink peplum coat with gray leopard scarf

casual winter dress under blush peplum swing coat

casual Winter dress with peplum swing coat and over the knee boots

casual winter dress - cotton dress paired with over the knee boots

casual Winter dress under gray leopard scarf paired with over the knee boots on pinterestingplans

I wanted to share a casual Winter dress that would be perfect for holiday events or the office.   This cotton dress has very slight bell sleeves and would be perfect over tights for the office or with boots for a party.   I am wearing size XS in the photos above.   Did I mention this dress is 50% off today?!    The dress is a thick cotton so it’s comfortable – almost like a sweatshirt.   You could wear this over leggings with boots to run errands.

The neckline on the dress is simple so I’d recommend adding a statement necklace or scarf to dress it up.   I paired the dress with my favorite over the knee boots (size up in this pair) which are NOT GOOD for snow (but it sure makes for pretty pictures).

My swing coat is gorgeous and the hem makes it feel a little fancy.  I’m wearing size small above.  I could have fit into XS but it wasn’t available when I ordered.

Shop My Casual Winter Dress Outfit

Divorcing the Winter White – Best Face Self Tanner Recommendations

For all those who responded to me on social media with your favorite self tanners – THANK YOU!!!!    I love that this feels like a little community to me.  What you share with me that’s working for you I can pass on to try and help others.   By help others, I mean those suffering from pale, dry faces, LIKE MYSELF.   I mean EVERY flaw seems 5 times as blaring in the Winter.  Wrinkles, blemishes, dry patches, under eye circles – let’s hide them behind a (faux) tan!

I normally spray tan in the Summer since I don’t get any time to lounge in the sun chasing after 2 kiddos.   This was not the case before I was blogging but GEESH – seeing yourself in so many pictures I swapped manicure time for fake tans.   I actually spray tan at home so it’s not very time consuming.    That’s really another post in and of itself.  This is not the home sprayer I use but it sounds even better.

In the Winter most of my skin is not exposed and it’s very chilly to get spray tanned.   Really the only part of me I want to have a little color is my face.   I rarely go to events where I need dresses anymore, so I’m just trying to tan the bare minimum most of the Winter.   My husband was teasing me while we were taking the photos above that I was in need of a tan.

So when I asked for recommendations for a good self tanner for the face you guys came in with lots of love.    I wanted to share a list of what you all recommended as the best self tanners.   I’m going to put them in order of how popular the responses were.    The top of the list is the most recommended and it goes down from there:

Self Tanners for the Face

A few more self tanner recommendations that came in after I originally published this post here: Eco Tan Face Water, Coola Tanning Anti-Aging Face Serum, TanWise (more affordable compared to some others),  Chocolate Sun, and Rossa Self Tanner, and someone who is quite fair said Clinique’s self tanner is the only brand that doesn’t make her orange.

I’ll be trying the 3 I mentioned above and letting you know how it goes if you’re interest.   I really want to try all of them but I don’t want to have a dozen bottles of self tanner hanging around my bathroom.   Believe it or not, some bloggers only have one small full bathroom for their entire family to share ;).

For more holiday outfits and gift ideas make sure to check out my HOLIDAY SHOP!   I’ll be posting a last minute gift guide later today!

Have a great holiday!   Again, thanks to those who gave self tanner recommendations.   If there’s a great one I missed – please comment below.

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