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Clean Eating Frozen Almond Banana Bites

clean eating almond banana cupsMy three year old has been constantly asking me for “treats” lately.  I’m more of a salt gal – so I needed to come up with something to satisfy him (and my husband) without pumping them full of junk.   Here’s what I came up with…

These are so easy to make!   Take out your muffin tin – I use mine all the time.   Did you see I cook eggs in my muffin tin?  I greased mine with coconut oil – not sure this step is necessary.

clean eating frozen almond banana bites

Glob some almond butter at the bottom of each muffin tin.   Depending on your almond butter (sometimes my husband buys himself the Justin’s brand Vanilla or Honey flavored kinds) you may want to stir in some vanilla and/or maple syrup to sweeten it just a bit.  Fill the cup about a 1/2 inch full in the bottom.

Place a banana slice in the middle of each cup.

Place in the freezer for 2 hours  (I left mine overnight).


clean eating frozen banana bites

Take your muffin tin and run hot water around the button of the cup you want to take out.   A knife will easily now lift the treat out of the muffin tin.

clean eating frozen banana almond bites

ENJOY!!!!   Let me know what you think…


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