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Coastal Grandmother Capsule Wardrobe

While many claim the coastal grandmother look to be a trendy, she is anything but a trend. The Coastal Grandmother is a timeless gal with refined taste. When she’s not headed to the farmers market or sipping a glass of wine with an ocean view, she’s investing in her closet. There you will find comfortable but tailored looks full of cohesive neutrals and pops of chambray. Quotes you might find in her gratitude journal are “quality over quantity” and “buy nice or buy it twice”.

Over time we think everyone can empower her timeless vibes by investing in some of her staple wardrobe items. Below we’re sharing a capsule wardrobe we know the Coastal Grandmother would endorse!

Coastal Grandmother Tops

It’s no secret the Coastal Grandmother sticks to the basics. It’s all about layering and mixing and matching. Tops she always has on hand this time of year are a long and short sleeve button up shirt, a couple light sweaters for those chilly beach evenings, and some base layer tanks.

Shop the tops here:

Coastal Grandmother Bottoms

While white is a top pick for any item of clothing, it’s especially essential in a bottom. Nothing too form fitting and usually something still a bit tailored. and she’s never above a classic pair of denim shorts.

Shop the bottoms here:

Coastal Grandmother Dresses

The Coastal Grandmother always has a white dress in her closet. Winter or summer she can find a way to style it. Her favorite way to style a white dress is with a brown leather belt and some matching leather sandals or slides. Oh and don’t forget the straw hat. Speaking of hats…

Shop dresses and accessories here:

Coastal Grandmother Accessories

A straw hat or visor is as essential as her evening glass of chardonnay. When it comes to accessories she keeps it quite simple and timeless. Think neutral leather belt, tortoise shell sunglasses, straw bag, dainty gold watch.

Shop accessories here:

Coastal Grandmother Shoes

We’re really not telling you anything new here. Timeless, neutral, comfortable. If you caught her packing up her favorites for a quick weekend trip to she’d grab her white sneaks and a pair of leather slide on sandals first.

Shop the shoes here:

We know there are a few different Coastal Grandmothers out there but this is the one we know and love here on 30A. What are some of your Coastal Grandmothers favorite pieces?

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