Cuisinart Immersion Blender

imageI have had my immersion blender for a year now and when I first got it – it was only because I could not think of another gift to ask for for Christmas.  I figured I could use it for soups in the crock pot, but now I use it ALL THE TIME!

From smoothies, to mashing vegetables, to making baby food I love the immersion blender. The biggest reason any mom should own one is – LESS DISHES (insert angels singing).  I make a smoothie in a tall mason jar so that there is no spatter and split it between my kids.  One drinks from the jar I used to make the smoothie and I throw the part of the stick that holds the blade right into my dishwasher.   No awkward glass blender to try and cram in the dishwasher or trying to hand wash a sharp blade.immersion blender smoothie

I use this blender to make cauliflower mash and smoothies (and more) a few times a week.  Please leave a comment what you like the immersion blender for…

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