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Cute Boy Names 2017 and Must Have Mommy and Me Boots

cute boy names 2017 and the BEST Fall and Winter boots for mom and child

Today I am sharing the meaning behind my boys’ names and the cutest mommy and me Fall and Winter boots in collaboration with Koolaburra.

avorite boy names 2017 and sharing koolaburra boots for mom and son

Favorite Boy Names 2017

Through both of my pregnancies there were lots of girl names I loved.    I planned to name the daughter I never had Macy.  I also really loved Everly and several other girl names.   Cute boy names were much harder to come by.

My maiden name was MacGillis (nicknamed Mac for short) so I really wanted my son to go by Mac if I had a boy.    Alas – my oldest son’s name is Macson.   It didn’t easily become Macson.   My husband was addicted to opiates during this time and was really adamant that his son be all “Moore” (my married last name).  Obviously I won that battle after he watched me go through labor and we are both so happy with his name.

When we found out we were having another boy I cried because I wanted a girl.  Those crazy pregnant emotions resolved very quickly, and of course sound shallow since I was SO SO SO blessed with healthy babies.  I was again stumped for a name because I had several girl names I liked but my list of boy names was empty.

Fast forward, my younger son’s name is Camdon.   He goes by Cam, which is Mac’s name spelled backwards.   This was of course planned.   This is another way to tie these guys together.   I am super close with my brother so I wanted to just link my two kiddos together for life in as many ways as I could.

Moving on from my kids I wanted so suggest a few of my favorite boy names 2017 to any mamas-to-be out there who might be waiting for a boy name to land in their lap.   Here are my personal top 5 boy names 2017:

  • Keegan
  • Pierce
  • Drew
  • Blake
  • Shane

Being A Boy Mom

I started thinking about being a boy mom and about my kids’ names because of the cute mommy and me styles that Koolaburra offers.  At my 12 week ultrasound with Cam they thought he was a girl.   I immediately was excited to dress up in twinning looks with my daughter.  For all those struggling with infertility I hate to say something so trivial, but those thoughts crossed my mind.  Brands like Koolaburra who nail my style in mini-me versions take me back to those memories.   The real point in bringing this up is to reassure others who might be feeling the same way that those feelings QUICKLY PASS.

I actually remember googling whether or not my gender disappointment was normal because I felt so horrible about it.  Before becoming a blogger I wasn’t a huge blog reader, but I read many blog posts of women who were willing to be vulnerable and candid about their experiences.   If this is something that interests people I’m happy to talk more about it, but for those just here for these cute boots I don’t want to divert too much.

THE BEST Mommy and Me Boots

Moving on from favorite boy names 2017 and being a boy mom, I wanted to share the BEST BOOTS EVER!!!   I have been living in these Koolaburra fringe boots since I got them a couple weeks ago.   Koolaburra is the “little sister” of UGG brand.  These boots are outshining their elders in my mind.   I love the fringe detailing and the shearling inside the boot makes them SO comfortable and SO warm.  Have you seen cozy fringe boots like these before?

I got Mac a pair of the kids Koolaburra boots.   It’s nice that the boots are slip on because Mac just turned 5 and he sometimes needs help getting certain pairs of sneakers on.  He picked his boots from the Koolaburra website but when he saw my fringe boots in person he had some regret that he didn’t order the kids’ version of the fringe boots.

Below are some pictures of Mac and I wearing our boots that have me so sappy.  Christmas is a really special family time for me and we were decorating our shed in these photos.  It would be another drawn out emotional post to share what made me such a Christmas queen.   Have you seen on Instagram stories that my house has been decorated since November 1?

cute boy names 2017 and the BEST Fall and Winter boots for mom and child

boy names 2017 and mom and son wearing koolaburra boots

boy names 2017 - post sharing koolaburra boots and ideas for boy names 2017

favorite boys names 2017 and mom and son decorating for christmas in koolaburra boots

best boy names 2017 and mom and son wearing koolaburra boots decorating for christmas

I can’t tell you how much I love these boots!   I was debating getting this pair with the bows on the side but I am SO happy with the fringe pair.  The boots fit true to size by the way.



I’d love to hear from you guys!   What are your favorite boy names?   Any mamas out there have a short lived (or maybe longer) struggle with gender disappointment?   And lastly, can you make it through Winter without a pair of these fringe boots :)?

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I appreciate you stopping by!!

XO,   Rach

Thank you to Koolaburra for sponsoring this post. 

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  • Kat
    November 18, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Where was this post before I just had a baby!! lol we had such a hard time naming Tristan. It took us 3 days in the hospital.. and as much as I’m happy having another boy & Brother for Julian, I totally had the same thoughts of wanting a girl to twin with. Now I’m excited to try and dress the boys alike.. we’ll see if Julian will allow that! ???? Love matching shoes with Julian though! Love this post. ????

    • Rachel
      November 19, 2017 at 2:53 am

      You have the cutest babes my friend. Didn’t realize it took you so long to find a name. being a boy mom has a lot of perks.

  • Holly
    November 18, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    I LOVE how you connected your two sons’ names! I am a boy mom myself and when I was pregnant, coming up with boy names was so difficult! Ironically enough, my youngest son is named Blake and the daughter I never had turned into our four legged girl we named Macy! I think we both have great taste 😉

    • Rachel
      November 19, 2017 at 2:54 am

      WOW!!!! great minds think alike, huh??? We are on the same page 🙂
      I don’t plan to get a dog but should things change I guess Macy is a sure thing!!!
      Thanks holly,