Don’t Forget Recess!

cute spring running outfit with skort

Hey friends! With the kids home from school for the next couple weeks I’ve made a written schedule of how we will fill each day. Without a routine similar to school, we all get a little stir crazy and start to climb the walls. Part of our day includes recess! Today I’m sharing an outfit from Backcountry that can take you from a trail run to a coffee date.

Backcountry gave me a discount code to share with you guys. Use code RACHELM15 for 15% off a first purchase (some exclusions apply)

spring outfits for workouts - white skort outfit

Backcountry is most well known for their outdoor gear and the custom service they provide along with it. This time of year a lot of my friends are utilizing them for ski gear, but I’ve yet to learn how to ski. Would you believe in Connecticut we woke up to snow this morning? My whole family has Sorel snow boots (many on sale) from Backcountry that we will be putting to use today.

cute spring running outfit with a white skort - pinteresting plans fashion blog

One thing I’ve learned through my kids being off school for summers is that we need a schedule. Working from home with two kids doesn’t work well for me unless I organize the day ahead of time. I literally write down a schedule of what 9 am – 5 pm will look like. From learning worksheets, to snack time, our day also includes TWO BLOCKS for recess.

outdoor workouts and spring skort outfit on pinteresting plans fashion blog

Outdoor time is so important for me even when my kids are at school. Fresh air helps me clear my head and rejuvenate. I can get back some energy that drained from me while I sat in front of a laptop for a couple hours. While the kids are home we usually take a morning recess at home in the yard and then a longer outdoor adventure in the late afternoon.

spring athleisure outfit with a white skort - pinteresting plans fashion blog

I mentioned in a blog post earlier in the week, 2 Ways To Style A Skort for Spring, I think skorts are making a huge come back. They’re such a versatile piece that can take you from the trail or tennis court then to lunch. I searched high and low for a skort last year and couldn’t find one I liked available in my size. Backcountry has SO MANY skorts from solid black to camo print!

spring skort outfit for exercising

The photo above is making me laugh. It is no easy feat trying to get a non-blurry photo while looking “natural” knowing someone is taking your photo.

We took our kids down to a local trail yesterday and I try to snuck in a few quick exercises while they were chasing each other in circles. Pushups, lunges, leg lifts….there are so many things you can do without equipment to get in a quick workout outdoors.

I had mentioned my family would be wearing our Sorel snow boots today, but yesterday I was wearing Sorel sneakers I recently picked up from Backcountry. This pair fits true to size and required no breaking in. Velcro sneakers are another item making a come back and I’m here for it! I have tripped over my shoelaces more than once during a run. When Mac was 1 I actually broke my wrist when I tripped during an outdoor run.

cute spring running outfit with skort

The crop top (wearing small) I’m wearing is both a top and sports bra in one. It’s made by Beyond Yoga which is one of my favorite activewear brands along with Alo Yoga. The blue from the crop top pairs perfectly with the subtle blue in this quilted Patagonia Pullover (wearing XS). This gray option happens to be on sale right now! For sizing reference I’m wearing this cute skort in size XS. I’m so excited about this piece as temperatures climb. It’s under $40 and available in black as well!

Don’t forget, code RACHELM15 can be used for 15% off a first purchase (some exclusions apply)


If you’re interested in a more detailed look at our daily schedule beyond recess let me know and I’d be happy to share! In the meantime I encourage you to get outdoors and check out Backcountry for any apparel or gear you may need to make it a little more fun.

Thank you to Backcountry for sponsoring today’s post.

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