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Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids With Ebay

easy breakfast ideas for kids on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog

One of the things I’m looking forward to most (besides a shower) when our home renovation is complete is getting back to cooking family meals.  I LOVE kitchen gadgets so I wanted to share a few I recently grabbed on eBay and some easy breakfast ideas that might help you back in the kitchen with some fresh meal ideas.

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

easy breakfast ideas for kids on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog

My kids, like most their age (3 and 5) and fairly picky and love their carbs.   They survived most of our home renovation on frozen waffles and pancakes.    So I’m happy to be back in the kitchen with them getting some variety back into their diet.

My best tip for getting kids to try new foods and eat healthier is to get them involved in the preparation.   Cam, who is 3, is particularly picky right now.   Adding greens to smoothies is one of the few ways I can consistently get vegetables into him.

Kitchen Gadgets To Grab On eBay

I have long been a fan of my hand blender but I recently added a few items to my kitchen that I got for a great deal on eBay.   Did you know 80% of the items sold on eBay are BRAND NEW??   They also carry refurbished items like Dyson cordless vacuums at a fraction of what they sell for at other retailers  I have had to vacuum my house everyday for months but I didn’t think I’d entertain you with photos of me cleaning.

Big Boss Air Fryer

I’d been curious to try air fryer because so many other moms reported all the variety of meals they prepare in their own.    My kids LOVE French toast and I tend to burn it on the stove top :).  Below you can see why I did not become a food blogger…

easy breakfast ideas for kids from the airfryer on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog

easy breakfast ideas for kids - french toast sticks in the air fryer on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog

Despite how it looks my husband said this was the best French toast he ever had.   Lesson learned – brioche is better suited for gorgeous food photos.   Putting my presentation aside, the air fryer made the french toast crisp at the edges rather than soggy.   I went off this recipe for cooking times after seeing this post of 16 breakfast ideas to make in an air fryer.  You can purchase this air fryer brand new on eBay and also use it for all sorts of dinner recipes as well.

Electric Waffle Cone Maker

I knew my kids would LOVE making waffles cones.   To make this a breakfast friendly appliance I filled the waffles cones with yogurt and fresh fruit.   This was a major hit and super easy to prepare with this waffle cone maker I got on eBay.   Make sure to let the cone maker heat up for several minutes before use and I found my cones needed just over the recommended window of cooking time.  If you look at the recipe for waffle cones – you’ll see they make for a more splurge worthy celebration breakfast.

waffle cones and other easy breakfast ideas for kids on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog

 kid friendly breakfast ideas on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog

easy breakfast ideas for kids - homemade waffle cones filled with yogurt and fruit on pinteresting plans blog

I also made a more savory waffle cone breakfast that my husband really loved.  I used my regular premade waffle mix and then just put scrambled eggs inside.   Without all the sugar and butter of the usual waffle cone recipe the “cone” was not as crisp but it did the job.

easy breakfast ideas for kids - "waffle" cones filled with scrambled eggs on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog


Cuisinart Compact Portable Food Processor Chopping Blender Mixer System w/ Cups

Let me just say – since I am the only one in my house who drinks alcohol – this blender is ideal for single serve margaritas.  Just wanted to put that out there.  But alas, we are discussing breakfast so let me reel myself back in.   Smoothies – something both my kids will consume without complaint.    I add avocado to make the texture creamier and add fat and frozen spinach to up the health benefits.

easy breakfast ideas for kids - coffee smoothie for the parent on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog

You can at the beginning of the post I made French toast with fruit/veggie smoothies for my kids.   When my hubby is in a rush I sometimes make him a smoothie with leftover coffee, one banana, ice cubes, and a scoop of protein powder.   This Cuisinart blender I got on eBay comes with several travel cups he can take in the car.

Frigidaire Professional 12 Cup Digital Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker

I actually don’t eat breakfast with my kids.   Since I work from home I wait and eat one meal around 10:30/11 am and then another around 5:30 pm.   While I don’t eat first thing – I do consume coffee.   Over the last year I’ve graduated from one cup to 2 each morning so I needed to break my wasteful K-cup habit.    The Frigidaire 12 cup coffee maker is super affordable and comes with everything you need (except the beans) to make plenty of great coffee.  I am so happy we switched to this coffee maker.

Help a girl out!

Whether you have kids or not if you’re like me I’m sure you get into meal ruts.   So I’d love to hear from you  – what are some quick or easy breakfast ideas you’re loving lately??   Please drop a comment below.

And don’t forget to check out all the kitchen gadgets I grabbed from eBay.

Here are some gadgets I already use frequently in my kitchen that I saw while browsing their site.


Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post.  

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  • Sandy @ BeautyBlissandChaos
    September 24, 2018 at 1:01 am

    I never would have imagined that prices on eBay are a lot less inexpensive than everywhere else. You have opened my eyes to begin using eBay when I’m in the market to purchasing products. The electric waffle cone maker and air fryer seem fun to use! Thank you for the suggestions! Enjoyed reading your post.

    • Rachel
      September 25, 2018 at 12:51 pm

      Thanks Sandy!!! Yes! It’s a great place to check out. I also grabbed an UGG poncho for 15% less than it was being sold for on other retailer sites. So check out the fashion too 🙂

  • Lydia L D'Antonio
    September 25, 2018 at 11:46 pm

    Why do I never think of EBAY! I need that waffle cone maker just for myself 😉

    • Rachel
      September 27, 2018 at 1:18 am

      yes!!!! it’s so yummy!! lots of sweet and savory ideas to pop inside. thanks Lydia!!

  • Tabitha
    September 26, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    Great post! These gadgets look so cool, especially the air fryer, and they sound perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like to cook lol. I hope you’ll post some recipes too!


    • Rachel
      September 27, 2018 at 1:18 am

      yes!! it’s great for people who don’t like to cook 🙂
      Thanks Tabitha!