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Fall Capsule Wardrobe for Work

fall capsule wardrobe for work picks from nordstrom on pinteresting plans blog

As we start out September I thought now would be a good time to share my fall capsule wardrobe for work.. Since I work from home I tend to dress in more casual outfits similar to the ones I shared in my recent Fall Capsule Wardrobe post but I know many of you have to dress up a bit more for the office. To save you time and the hassle of finding something to wear to work I tried to simplify things with a seasonal capsule collection of office friendly attire.

What’s a Work Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe for work steamlines your closet giving you lots of outfit combinations with less pieces. The key to maximizing the use of your clothing articles while not spending a ton on workwear is to buy timeless pieces that will easily mix and match. I never wanted to spend a lot of my clothing budget on workwear so a capsule wardrobe for work was the perfect solution.

By choosing timeless pieces, you won’t have to worry about updating your wardrobe as often. Bonus points if it can be worn for work and out of the office!

fall capsule wardrobe for work picks from nordstrom on pinteresting plans blog

Fall Capsule Work Wardrobe Tops

For my personal tastes sticking to neutrals is the way to go, but you can have fun with a pop of color or an on trend print such as the python print top I included. It’s a great way to diversify your capsule wardrobe. You can also venture out of neutrals with one or two colors that are in for the current season. For example, I chose the blouse in dark burgundy. Other tried and true colors for fall would be an olive or emerald green, rust orange, etc.

Fall Capsule Work Wardrobe Outerwear:

The outerwear will be your layering pieces. For this reason, I went with neutral colorways and classic styles such as the blazer jacket in black, the sweater blazer in khaki and an easy-to-throw-on long cardigan in oatmeal. These neutral layers will pair well with whatever top/bottoms you may decide to wear.

Fall Capsule Work Wardrobe Bottoms:

A business casual wardrobe would not be complete without a pair of classic black pants because they go with just about anything. To mix it up from the usual work pant, I included the wide leg pants. They were a huge hit for spring and they will still be around come fall.

Fall Capsule Work Wardrobe Staple Dress:

I included an easy-to-wear black dress as well. It makes a practical addition to a capsule wardrobe because dresses are a great option for those days you’re running late and need something to throw on while still maintaining a professional look. I love that this dress has the tie front detail and the surplice neckline is very flattering.

Fall Capsule Work Wardrobe Shoes:

For shoes, I included a timeless leather pump. It’s the same style but in black and khaki. I think the pointy toe makes an outfit more chic versus a round toe. As I mentioned earlier, adding a fun print helps to diversify your capsule wardrobe so I chose to include these snake print mules that I love and wear mine all the time. They can even be worn in or out of the office.

Fall Capsule Work Wardrobe Accessories:

Last but not least, accessories! I have used this tote bag for about a year now as an everyday bag and it’s practically like new. It’s very spacious and can fit everything you may need for work – laptop, notebook, etc. It also comes with a matching wristlet so you can keep things organized by separating the smaller things like pens, gum, chapstick, etc. DID I MENTION IT’S REVERSIBLE?! So you can change the color if you want to coordinate with that day’s outfit.

For jewelry I chose subtle statement earrings and a delicate layering necklace to top off your work outfit.

styling and outfit ideas for a fall capsule wardrobe for work on pinteresting plans blog

I put together 9 different ways to mix and match pieces from this year’s fall capsule wardrobe for work to show you how easily each piece can be worn with the others. The visual is also to show how the capsule wardrobe really comes together in the end. There are even more combinations so you can see how a small capsule wardrobe is really all you need to get through an entire season.


If you loved this post or found it helpful, feel free to browse my past capsule wardrobes. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know in the comments if there are any new topics you want me to cover!

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