Fall Fashion Trends You Can Wear To Work

fall fashion trends for the office 2019 - pinteresting plans connecticut fashion blogger Rachel Moore in joggers for work

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky” – Karl Lagerfield

Trends can be fun to dabble in, but it can be easy to overindulge in them! I’m guilty of it. When it comes to the office most of us want to look polished but stay true to our own unique style. While I want to keep it classy, I thought it would be fun to share some fashion trends you can pull off with chic workwear I just grabbed from Ann Taylor.

First up, animal print has been a popular fashion trend the last couple seasons and it seems to shift seasonally which animal print is all the rage. Leopard was wildly popular, then snakeskin started to creep up in popularity and now I’m seeing zebra print popping up more and more.

What I love about all of these animal prints is that they’re neutral prints. You may have noticed I almost always reach for neutrals so my closet contains very little color. Ann Taylor always keeps their fashion sophisticated but chic. So if you’re looking to try some animal print without looking tacky – you’ll want to see their new arrivals! Specifically, they just added a line of ZERBA print items!!

I love that the zebra print is a bit more subtle and less “sexy” than leopard. So here are a few ways to bring Ann Taylor’s new zebra print pieces into the office.

Zebra Print Blouse

work appropriate joggers and animal print pieces - fall fashion trends for work 2019
fall fashion trends for the office 2019 - pinteresting plans connecticut fashion blogger Rachel Moore in joggers for work

This lightweight zebra print blouse is perfect for work or the weekend. As with the print on the shoes – it’s more of a black and tan than black and white stripe. It’s a great layering piece too if you are a fan of blazers or cardigans. I’m wearing size XS.

If you’re someone who runs warm – there’s a pretty sleeveless zebra print blouse available as well.

Shop the Look:

Zebra Print Shoes

workwear fall fashion trends 2019 - black joggers withh zebra heels pinteresting plans fashion blogger Rachel Moore of connecticut in Ann Taylor

These zebra print shoes fit true to size and have a block heels so they are much more manageable than a stiletto heel. Do you do a lot of walking in the office? When I was a nurse practitioner I did a lot of stress tests which required a lot of standing and then walking between office visits.

Zebra Print Accessories

fall fashion trends for work 2019 - zebra print accessories - pinteresting plans connecticut fashion blogger Rachel Moore
zebra print headband with white jeans - fall fashion trends for work - pinteresting plans Connecticut fashion blogger
zebra print headband - fall fashion trends for work 2019 - pinteresting plans blog

I love that a scarf can be restyled so many ways. So if you’re just warming up to animal print it’s a great place to start. Worn as a headband or even just tied onto your bag, this zebra print scarf adds a fun detail to your outfit. This zebra print skinny belt is another accessory that let’s you try the trend without being too loud about it.

Shop The Look (I’m including a similar long sleeve top as well in case you’re shopping for fall):

Other Zebra Print Pieces

Check out some of my other favorite Zebra print pieces that just landed on

Workwear Joggers

workwear joggers - fall fashion trends for the office 2019 - pinteresting plans fashion blog

Joggers are a great way to be comfortable and stay on trend in the office. Last year I wrote a blog post about how to style joggers for work. This pair from Ann Taylor is SUPER comfortable and chic. I’m wearing size XS. If you’ve been considering a pair of workwear joggers I HIGHLY recommend this pair. I added a chambray blazer (sized down one to a zero) to keep the look a bit more business casual.

Shop This Look

What do you guys think? Do you like taking trend pieces into the office? I’d love to hear from you below!

Thank you to Ann Taylor for sponsoring this post.

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