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Fall Home Decor Favorites

rachel moore of pinteresting plans lifestyle blog sharing favorite Fall home decor 2018

When I posted a photo of my console table in all it’s fall glory in this recent collaboration with Minted so many of you wanted links to the fall home decor I used to dress up the space.   I wanted to get you those links while items are still in stock and share some other favorites as well.

Fall Home Decor 2018

 rachel moore of pinteresting plans lifestyle blog sharing favorite Fall home decor 2018

If you follow on Instagram stories you know we have been renovating our home since before Memorial Day.   We are just starting to get settled back in as things start to wind down with the construction so I wanted to decorate and make it feel like home again.

I wanted a medium sized console table to fill the small hall between our living room and kitchen.    I found several I liked online but reviews for the ones in my budget were saying the pieces didn’t feel like solid wood.   Because of this I opted to purchase an unfinished console table from Home Depot.   That brought the price down while keeping the quality good and allowed me to customize it to my tastes.   I am going back and forth on the stain for the table so for now it’s au natural.  I did switch out the drawer pulls which really changed the look for under $10.

All of the pieces I have here are reasonably priced.   Shop them below:

And similar console tables I liked can be found here:

Natural Colors and Elements

I love to bring natural elements and textures into my decor.   I’m not much of an orange person so I mostly buy white pumpkins.   The best place to grab pumpkins around me is Trader Joe’s.   They have the best variety and great prices.

When I was in LA last week for a holiday collaboration they had this affordable garland on the tables and shelves around the house and it looked so pretty.   You’ll see how I tie it into my own space soon!!

I love natural wood, seagrass, and anything eucalyptus.   If I buy one more basket my husband might cancel my credit card.   I’m gonna be sharing a DIY wall art project soon that involves baskets.  If you’re interested please sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss the post.   I promise I won’t spam your inbox.

 favorite fall home decor 2018 - velvet pumpkins on pinterestingplans connecticut lifestyle blog

Velvet Pumpkins  |  Similar Basket

If you think I have a problem with baskets….

Just wait until it really gets chilly.   My eyes are also drawn to all the cozy through blankets anytime I walk into the mall.    Some of my favorites last year came from Target so I’ll keep you posted on this year’s finds.

I rounded up a bunch of my favorite fall home decor you can shop by clicking any of the images below.

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  • Shelly White
    October 10, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    Hi Rachel…love this post! Where did you find the affordable garland that you mentioned you saw in LA? Is it Christmas garland or fall?

    • Rachel
      October 11, 2018 at 2:55 am

      Hi Shelly!!
      Sorry the page may be loading slowly, I did link it above. I got these of these garlands 🙂 https://rstyle.me/n/c9uepab64n7
      Thanks for stopping by!!!