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Family Beach Photos Outfit Ideas 2021

outfit ideas for summer family photos on beach
outfit ideas for summer family photos on beach

Several of you asked for inspiration for beach outfits for those taking late summer family photos. It’s always hard to try to put together looks that mesh well together but aren’t too matchy-matchy.

I find that going with a similar color scheme works because everyone’s outfits are cohesive but now twinning. For these family beach photos, I chose to go with light blues of different shades. The beach sunset complimented the white and blues beautifully. And a big, big thank you to Ashlee Brooke Photography for taking our family photos!

I’ll also be sharing another color scheme for summer family photos down below plus a fall family photo outfit ideas since we are late into summer. If you’d like I will draft some more fall family outfit ideas as we close in on September.

family beach picture ideas 2021

Family Beach Outfit for Mom

Simple dresses are great for family photos because it’s an outfit all in one. You don’t have to worry about matching tops and bottoms. For a slightly more dressed-up look I love this affordable Amazon maxi dress. It’s one of my favorite Amazon fashion finds. I love the ruffles. Textures look great in photos!

couples beach photo outfit ideas 2021

Family Beach Outfit for Dad

A simple white polo or button up is great for dad and looks good on just about everyone. Then, you just need a plain pair of shorts like these will never let you down. If you have a man who isn’t afraid of a pop of color, go for these light blue shorts.

what to wear for family beach photos 2021

Family Beach Outfit for Girls

If you have little girls, dresses are a great idea just like they are for mom – a one and done outfit! Pick something with some ruffles or flouncy parts because she’ll love spinning around it in and it’ll look great in pictures!

kids outfit ideas for family summer beach photos

Family Beach Outfit for Boys

Again, for the boys we’re going to take after the same tips we did for dad. A simple white top and some classic shorts. You can either have father and son match in the same color shorts or have one do a blue and one do a khaki. I like a pair of drawstring that look good but are comfortable. You don’t want your son to feel uncomfortable or be in something he doesn’t usually wear.

family beach photos blue and white outfits

Summer Family Photo Outfits

outfit ideas for summer beach family photos 2021



Fall Family Photo Outfits

fall family photo outfit idea 2021



Family Photos Outfit Tips

If you are looking for more ideas, check out my Tips for Family Photos Shoots post where I share some simple guidelines that will help you pick out the perfect outfits!

Hope this helped!! Thanks for stopping by.

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