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Family Friendly Games and Party Supplies

family game night - games for kids - pinteresting plans blog

Hey friends! We have some birthday boys in the house so today I’m partnering with Walmart to share some snaps from a fun filled family birthday celebration. If you’re feeling like your family gatherings are lacking in the fun department we recently grabbed a few new games from Walmart that really span the generations so everyone in the family can join in on the laughs.

family game night - the rootbeer float challenge

Pinky promise “The Root Beer Float Challenge” is the most fun game I’ve ever played with my kids. Everyone in our family, and even neighbors, has wanted to play again and again. The game is simple to learn and gets you off the couch and laughing. It’s a series of simple challenges you have to succeed at in order to collect the 4 “ingredient cards” you need to build a root beer float. Cam is 4, so some of the challenges require a bit more coordination than he has, but he loves it just the same.

If you are looking for a family friendly game to bring out over the holidays The Root Beer Float Challenge is definitely a winner!

best family game night game - rootbeer float challenge - pinteresting plans blog
family game night - games for kids - pinteresting plans blog
favorite family game night games - pinteresting plans blog

Mac’s Birthday Wishlist

3 wheeled scooter - family friendly games and toys

Mac is turning 7 on October 12th and he really wanted a 3 wheel scooter for his birthday. I mistakenly added 2 to my online Walmart shopping cart and Cam was home when they were delivered so they might each be getting one for Mac’s birthday at this point. He also wanted a Nerf gun for his birthday. This one is exclusive to Walmart! I grabbed his gifts early because we close on our new home the day before Mac’s bday so it’s going to be a busy week. I was even proactive enough to get the scooter assembled ahead of time – thanks hubby!

Over The Hill

40th birthday party -  family party games

We also just celebrated my brother’s 40th birthday! People are always surprised to hear he’s older than me. We hosted a birthday celebration for him with a few close friends and family last weekend.

Walmart recently launched a birthday shop. A lot of the items are geared at children’s themed birthdays but you can also “shop by age” and that’s where I found decorations to celebrate the big 4-0! You can narrow your search based on your preference. I selected based on age and quickly added 40th birthday decor to my cart which made decorating for the party very quick and easy.

Another one of our favorite games came in handy to keep both kids and adults entertained at the party! Bop-It is SUPER easy to learn and a good game to pass around between adults and kids. Chris is SUPER competitive but lost to the Bop-It champion of our party – Kaycee!

family party games - bop-it

For the kids we also got a piñata. Walmart carries SO MANY PINATA OPTIONS! It’s something they always ask about when we are headed to birthday parties and since Pete was turning 40 we thought a poop piñata would be appropriate 😝.

What do you get for someone turning 40? We will be living with Pete when we move to Avon next month so we got him this arcade style basketball game. Again, it’s a game that gets the whole family involved and if you know Pete – he’s EXTREMELY family oriented.


With cold weather creeping in we will be house bound a lot more! I’d love to hear your family’s favorite games in the comments below. Have a great week guys! I appreciate you stopping by.

If you have kids – you can see more of my kids favorite toys in this recent post.

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post.

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