Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Father's Day gift ideas 2019 - Pinteresting Plans lifestyle blog
Father's Day gift ideas 2019 - Pinteresting Plans lifestyle blog

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Father’s Day is in 2 weeks so Himteresting Plans is taking over the blog today to share his ideas for great Father’s Day gifts. He’s a workout fanatic who loves his coffee and a good beach BBQ. I’ll let him explain why he selected each item below:

Yeti Mug – I bought this mug for myself, BUT my wife took a liking and the rest is history. It fits in the car, has a lid to keep coffee warm for extended periods of time. Even without the lid it keeps your coffee hot longer than a usual ceramic mug.

Under Armour Recovery Wear Pajamas (Top and Pants) – After reading Tom Brady’s book, I was sold. As an active dad, if these pajamas help me recover even 1% of my strength and energy, I am in! Tom Brady even wears them to each practice under his gear. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and went on to buy a second pair because I didn’t want to sleep a night without them.

Boom Blue Tooth Speaker – This speaker is waterproof and basically indestructible. I use it almost everyday in the garage or in the driveway to workout, during a barbecue, or on the beach.

Spikeball Outdoor Game – Did you see the Shark Tank episode featuring this game? It is so much fun, so easy to learn, and packs up to bring anywhere.

Harry’s Razors – My dad gave me these razors and told me how incredibly long they last and he was right. I get 1-3 uses out of a normal disposable razor. I get 10-15 uses out of these razors and they still feel like that first sharp shave. These razors are a must.

Rayban Aviator Sunglasses – I wear these sunglasses almost everyday. I have an extensive sunglasses collection, but I wear these 95% of the time. They go with everything, I get tons of compliments, and I am so glad I spent the extra money for the polarized lenses.

Outdoor Folding Rocking Chair – One of my best friends, Lee, told me about this chair, so I gave it a closer look and I see why he is so obsessed. This chair is so comfortable and folds up incredibly easy and compact. The chair is perfect for the kids’ sporting events, s’mores, or camping.

Yeti Cooler – The world’s best cooler. I don’t exactly know the science behind the Yeti products, but they keep things cold or hot for an absurd amount of time.

Vibrating Foam Roller – I have been using rollers forever, but again, after reading Tom Brady’s book on pliability, I was sold on the idea of a more active recovery. This vibrating roller takes the place of those expensive massaging guns ($400+) and gives me better results.

Titleist ProV1X Golf Balls – I am an average golfer, but even I can tell if I am hitting a quality ball or not. No guy wants to hit cheap balls, and these are the best.

Muscle Man Grillin Apron – This is awesome and hysterical. I do not own this apron, but I want it and I need it! … hint hint.

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