Favorite Amazon Finds March 2019

amazon finds march 2019 on pinteresting plans - light wash distressed jeans

One of the most highly requested posts recently has been an Amazon round-up!  Are you a prime member?  I am, and they sure do make it easy!  I will say I think you have to sift through A LOT to find the gems on Amazon fashion.  Here are some my favorite recent finds.

Amazon Finds March 2019

  • Light Wash Distressed Jeans – I have been looking for jeans like this for almost 2 years!!!  I even looked at some higher priced brands and couldn’t find a light wash distressed jean that wasn’t too tight.  I sized up one in these jeans (wearing size 4) for a more relaxed fit and they’ve washed well.

 amazon finds march 2019 on pinteresting plans - light wash distressed jeans

  • Satin Scrunchies – I had a lot of hair breakage over the last summer and fall that is at the level where my hair elastics sat on my ponytail, so I switched to scrunchies because they’re gentler on the hair.  I bought a multi pack since I tend to lose these types of things (sometimes I just don’t feel like putting my scrunchies on full display on my wrist if I’m out for the night).

 pinteresting plans amazon finds march 2019 - camo pullover and satin scrunchies

  • Camo Pullover – while the quality of this pullover isn’t amazing, I think it’s definitely worth the price.  It’s a trendy piece you won’t be looking to hold on to forever and looks super cute and is just warm enough for spring.  I have size small in the “green” color option.
  • One Shoulder Striped Bathing Suit – this has been one of the most popular items with you gals and I can see why.  The price is low, but the quality is great.  I have size small for reference.

 amazon bathing suit finds march 2019 - pinteresting plans blog

  • Dermaplaning Razors – have you heard of dermaplaning?  These razors are an attempt for at-home dermaplaning.  I have had the procedure done at FaceIT med spa, and while the home version isn’t as effective, it’s MUCH cheaper and you can do it any time.  My skin is very dry so I use these razors as much to get off dead skin as I do to remove peach fuzz.  They leave your skin very smooth and allow your skincare products to be better absorbed.
  • One Shoulder Ruffle Bathing Suit – and another bathing suit I grabbed for Florida from Amazon was this one shoulder option that comes in lots of colors.  Again, I have size small….I wore this as a bodysuit during my trip so it saved me some space in my suitcase being able to use it for swimming and as a top.

 pinteresting plans amazon bathing suit finds march 2019

  • Silk Pillowcase – again this was something you guys recommended because I had seen so much breakage in my hair.  I got the white and it washes well (if you’re prone to leaving self tanner behind like I am!!) and it’s a steal compared to the “slip” brand pillowcase I see a lot of bloggers recommending.
  • Cellulite Massager – I buy a new one of these every year or so just because eventually they fall off the shelf in my shower and crack.  I SWEAR by this inexpensive tool, but it does cause bruising when you first start using it (correctly).  I wrote an entire blog post about diminishing the appearance of your cellulite last year.

 pinteresting plans amazon finds march 2019 - cellulite massager

  • Wood Hangers – I read one time that having matching hangers in your closet instantly makes it appear more organized.  I use these wood hangers in my own closet and when I transitioned over it was a great time to purge.
  1.  pinteresting plans amazon finds march 2019- wood hangers
  • Insulated Straw Tumbler – I use this cup all the time on the go.  It’s great for warm or cold drinks and the cup and straw do not contain plastic.  This tumbler holds the temperature REALLY well, which is why you see me using it so often, and it comes in a bunch of cute styles.

pinteresting plans amazon finds march 2019 - insulated straw tumbler

  • Thermafuse HeatSmart Hair Serum – this is the heat serum I’ve been using for YEARS.  It smells amazing and since it’s a dry oil I also use it to refresh my ends when they get dry from the residue of dry shampoo.

 pinteresting plans amazon finds march 2019 - honest mascara

  • Honest Mascara and Primer in One – BY FAR my favorite mascara.  I’m on my 4th tube.  I switched just over a year ago from the “Better Than Sex” mascara.  Many of you have said you loved the L’oreal “Lash Paradise” as a drug store alternative to “Better Than Sex”.  However, I find the “Lash Paradise” very difficult to wash off at night and it doesn’t stay put as well as the Honest Mascara.  The Honest one is a good price and the primer lasts even longer than the mascara portion of the tube so I’ve used just the primer with other mascaras and it’s like magic preventing flaking throughout the day.
  • Striped Ruffle Neckline One Piece Swimsuit – So many swimsuits – so little pool time.  I just grabbed another swimsuit to give you plenty of options if you have a spring break vacation.  I got this one in small and again – these suits are so great for the price!

favorite amazon finds march 2019 - $30 swimsuit - pinteresting plans blog

Along with all these great finds I have had a lot of FLOPS!!  There is a lot of very low quality fashion being sold on Amazon.  I don’t want to pay for amazing quality on trend pieces – but I also want pieces to survive the washing machine for a season.


So if you have any Amazon favorites you can share below I’ll give them a try and report back.  I have a few more items, but it’s been too cold to really wear them just yet.  I’ll be sharing soon (like a reader recommended dress and tee).

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  • Cary
    March 8, 2019 at 5:51 pm

    Can you do another post about dermaplaning and maybe a video? I’d love to know more about it. Do you like the Schick or the Tinkle dermaplaners better?

    • Rachel
      March 15, 2019 at 12:42 am

      Do you watch Instagram stories? I could do a comparison on there if that works.
      Let me know!

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