Favorite Self Tanner, Sunscreen, and Tinted Face SPF

Spring is almost here and vacations are in motion. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite self tanner, sunscreen, and tinted face SPF so no matter what your preference is, you’re prepared for sunshine weather. As full-time Floridan’s Marissa and I are feeling like experts in this subject!

Favorite Sunscreens

I always have an organic sunscreen spray in my bag. Sunscreen spray makes it especially easy for me to use with the kids. This was my go-to from last year. It says sheer but I did find it to have a little zinc look as many organic sunscreens do. With the kids it doesn’t bother me because I know I have them protected!

We’re at the pool almost everyday in the summer so I have a couple different kinds of sunscreens floating in my bag at all times. This Butterbean Organics is another favorite and a perfect size for traveling. They’re local and on Amazon which is convenient. If you’re a local or visiting for an extended period, you can find them at the Watersound Origins Market where you can refill your sunscreen container. What a neat sustainable concept, right?! Their sunscreen is thicker and greasy so it doesn’t wash off. As someone who used to make her own sunscreen this is almost identical and gives me peace of mind.

Favorite Self Tanners

While my preference is for Chris to give me a nice spray tan, it’s not always the quickest or most convenient option. Marissa and I both use these drops in our face lotion, in the winter and spring especially. It makes going makeup free a bit more bare-able. Just two drops in with your evening moisturizer. Super easy!

As we near spring and summer Marissa is a fan of a self tanner that you can travel with, which is not as easy to come by. It’s great for taking along on vacations and weddings. She’s tried and rebought both this one and this one. If you’re someone who prefers cleaner ingredients, this one is a popular choice.

Jumping into self tanners can be a little scary but worth the confidence boost in our opinion. Anyone else feel best with a little summer glow?! While we’re no experts in application we can share how we apply ours over on stories.

Favorite Tinted Face SPF

Wearing makeup to the beach or pool is short lived here. The humidity will get you! Marissa and I both always have this tinted face sunscreen in our bags. It’s a happy medium between makeup and primer. It checks all the boxes: oil free, transparent zinc oxide, light weight, and water-resistant. Which is important since neither of use are looking for something that will cause breakouts. If you’re not into a tinted sunscreen, or are looking for a good SPF base for your makeup, here is a clear version that we use year round.

Have you tried a tinted face sunscreen yet? Marissa is going to try adding this one into her rotation this summer for a little added glow…she’ll keep us posted!

Let us know your go-to summer products in the comments below. We’re always testing and trying new things!

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