February Wishlist From HSN

February Wishlist from HSN on Pinteresting Plans fashion blog

Hey guys!   Today I’m sharing my February wishlist in collaboration with   For disclosure purposes I was compensated by HSN for sharing my favorite items with you today.

February Wishlist with

February Wishlist from HSN on Pinteresting Plans fashion blog

Both my birthday and Valentine’s Day fall in February so sometimes my mom will ask me what’s on my wishlist.  As I close in on 40 with a healthy family and a cozy home I really don’t want for much.  But that said – if someone wanted to get me something …. hint hint …. here are my suggestions!  Maybe this wishlist can help you answer the same question because somehow I always feel stumped when someone asks.

I’m breaking down my HSN wishlist into a few categories to keep things organized.   When you click to each item you will see a VIDEO of show hosts sharing what they love about each product.  EEEEK – if I watched TV I could get sucked into this fast.  In fact, when I was a nurse practitioner I specifically recall rounding in 2 nursing homes that each had a guest who never watched anything but HSN.   So I guess I’m not the only one who find it’s addicting….and now it’s all online if you’re not a TV person 🙋‍♀️.

Wishlist of Cozies

Soft and Cozy Fur Hooded Throw

Ok, I really do need this!!  In the winter months I am always trying to cook and use the bathroom while wearing a blanket.  This frees up some arm movement so I won’t be such a fire hazard by the stove.

Rhonda Shear Waterfall Cozy Vest

This also comes in a light gray that would be perfect for spring.   The word “cozy” is in the title so this is definitely something I would want to wear while traveling.  Driving to Whole Foods counts as traveling, right?

Cozy Aloe-Infused Socks

Again, cozy in the name, count me in!   Sandal season is just about to pick up and my winter feet need aloe, coconut oil, and anything else I can slather them with before they’re peeking out in public.

Cozy Luxe Sweater Wrap With Pockets

I’ve seen almost an identical piece termed a “travel wrap” and priced 4 times as high as this cute knit HSN has on sale for $22.

Joy Luxe Spa Towel and Blanket Warmer

I didn’t include this on the collage because you wouldn’t know what it was by looking at it but OMG – NEED!!   How awesome would it be to have a warmed towel or blanket on a cold winter day??  Or put a warm throw at the end of your bed over your feet on a chilly night?

Wishlist for the Home

Samsung Framed TV

My husband insisted on hanging a huge TV above our fireplace.   The focal point of our cozy living room is a huge black box.  If you follow Pinteresting Plans you know black just isn’t my thing.  I am itching to get a framed TV so I can ditch that black box for some pretty framed artwork above my fireplace.

Cotton Tassel Throw Blanket

I’m in the process of switching my winter home decor to spring pieces.  My chunky knit blankets will be stored away for lighter knits and pastels like these throw blankets.

Swiffer Continuous Clean Air Cleaner

I, like the rest of the world, am allergic to dust.  Ever since we renovated our house last summer certain areas of our house can make my nose itch and run like crazy.   I am in dire need of a dust filter and this one looks super easy to use and clean!

My Little Steamer

Ok, I don’t want this – because I have it!!  But I had to include it because it’s the best thing ever.  It’s intended to be a travel steamer but it will steam about 3 pieces at a time and heats/refills super quick so I use it far more than just when I’m traveling.   If you don’t have a steamer, they’re life changing!!   Trust me – no wrinkles, no ironing – WIN WIN!

Wishlist of Spring Shoes

Steven Natural Comfort Dana Slide Sandal

This sandals style was super popular last summer and now they’ve added a more comfortable option into the mix.

Dolce Vita Sayer Leather Woven Mule

This plays off the popular Western trend as well as mules which continue to be everywhere.   These woven mules would look great with cropped, skinny, or even bootleg jeans.

Sam Edelman Leopard Print Slide

You had me at leopard print!

Dolce Vita Tate Suede Pull-On Sneaker

When I’m trying to get my kids out the door I cannot be bothered with shoelaces on my own footwear.   So these pull-on sneakers look amazing – especially because you know I can’t get enough blush pink…especially in spring.

Wishlist of Beauty and Wellness

Fitbit SmartWatch and Activity Band

I need an activity band because working from home I somedays don’t even leave the house.   My steps are LOW this winter, and this is a good reminder to get off my bumbum.

Beekman Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Have any of you used this?   I tried straight vinegar a few years ago and it was messy so I stopped.   This hair rinse comes in a spray form so it looks much more user friendly.  Again, the video had me hooked!

Michael Todd Sonic Microderm Kit

I got to a local medspa for a facial that sounds pretty similar to what this kit does.   It’s an AMAZING way to exfoliate and clean out your pores and seems to be a much better price than regular facials at a spa.

Too Faced Rain or Shine Sexy Eyes

If you haven’t tried “Better Than Sex” mascara it’s one of my favorites.   It adds so much volume and length.  This kit includes their eye shadow primer as well, and since I have hooded eye lids I really should wear lid primer every time I wear eyeshadow.


Do you have any of these items?  Let me know!  I’d love to hear from you below.  If you’re shopping on HSN keep an eye out – some items have “flex pay” and protection plan options if you’re clumsy like me!

Thank you to HSN for sponsoring this post.

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