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FREE Home Hack: How to Mask Hardwood Floor Scratches

FIX HARDWOOD FLOOR SCRATCHESI live with 3 guys.  Carpeted floors would probably be a safer option will all the spills my kids take, but I love hardwood floors.   The problem is – my family (me included) is not gentle.   On top of that – we are doing a kitchen renovation – so we are constantly moving furniture in and out of the dining room (since we knocked a wall down between the kitchen and dining room – that I can’t WAIT to share, when it’s finished – someday down the road).

Ok, back to the scratches.   In our new (forever) home and our old house our couches would occasionally scratch the hardwood floors.   I tried various pads underneath, but some would slip, or the adhesive would eventually wear off, etc – and a scratch would happen.  NO BIG DEAL!   But I certainly can’t afford to have my floor refinished every couple years.   Not even the expense (though that too) – the mental anguish of moving everything (mostly importantly myself) out of the house for a week to let them sand, coat, and dry the hardwood.   NO THANKS!!  I’m too lazy for that.

So I saw this trick online years ago and have been using it since.   Now let me say – this is not like refinishing your floors – but it masks the scratches very well and IT IS FREE!!!   And even better – you can probably tackle the problem right now – I hope you have the supplies in your kitchen. use a nut to fix hardwood floor scratches

NUTS!!!   The softer the better – lots of oil.  Nuts are so good for you – I always have several varieties in the house.   I used a walnut – but I’ve also used cashews in the past.   All you do is rub it on the scratch and wipe away the crumbs.   That’s it!   Best DIY ever?!?!?!?!?   As the oil soaks into the wood the scratches fade even more – but right away you will see a MAJOR difference.

home hack: fix hardwood floor scratches

home hack: fix hardwood floor scratches


Try it!!   Let me know what you think.  I would love to hear from you…

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