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Friday Favs: 5 New Ways To Use Your Hair Straightener

5 New Ways To Use Your Hair Straightener

5 New Ways To Use Your Hair Straightener

Most often I use a flat iron to pull out the kinks in my hair from sleeping on wet locks.   Today I am sharing 5 new ways to use your hair straightener that go beyond flattening the crease your ponytail holder left in your hair (story of my life).

Currently I am using the T3 Single Pass Straighter for all of my straightening needs because it works in just one quick pass over the hair.   My hair is quite long so it can easy get dry at the ends if I use too much heat on it, hence why I love a straightener that works in a single pass.  Here are some ways you could use your straightener.

1. Use the T3 Single Pass Straighener to curl your hair!  My friend Savanah does a great video tutorial about curling your hair with a straightener.  She is a beauty guru and swears by this Pravana hairspray that I just ordered but have yet to try.

2. If you don’t want stick straight hair let your hair cool dangling over a brush or the flat iron itself after you run the heat over each section of hair (see step 11):

hair straightener hacks and tricks

Image via: The Beauty Department ( via

3. Create beachy waves by slowing running the T3 flat iron over a few braids in your hair.   Make sure the braids are not too thick or tight so that the heat will hit most of your strands.   Also, allow the hair to completely cool in the braids before releasing the braids.   I love the results I saw on the Internet but my results were not as impressive and I haven’t found time to try again just yet.   I’d love to hear if this worked for you and I will post a picture of my own hair when I make my second attempt.

braid waves with hair straightener

My results were not impressive enough to show.   I think I should have done smaller/tighter braids starting closer to my roots.   This is an example I found online of what it should look like:

(c/o cosmopolitation)

4. Iron a Hem!  You can even iron your shirt collar while you’re wearing the shirt.   Genius!    It’s been years since I have taken out an ironing board.  Generally I find my steamer is the best way to get wrinkles out of clothes but there are some small areas it just can’t quite get to.   Today I used my T3 straightener to fix the mock collar on my son’s shirt.

hair hacks: iron a shirt collar with a hair straightener

5.  Cook a quesadilla!  Ha, yes, I really did this (for fun).  I am sort of embarrassed to say I tried.   It was slow going, I would probably not use the T3 Single Pass Straightener to do my cooking in the future, but if you’re in a pinch 🙂

cook a quesadilla with a hair straightener


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