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Gifts For Quality Time At Home

gifts for quality time at home
Basket (set of 2) // Pillow // Faux Fur Throw // Slippers

Attitude if the difference between an ordeal and an adventure. The “stay home” orders from this global pandemic have given my family so much more time to make memories around the house we love. I wanted to shift a lot of my gifting this year to highlight memory making at home. Today I’m partnering with Walmart to share gift ideas for fostering connections at home.

Creating memories at home often center around food in my family so I thought food gifting would be a timely idea. Preparing a meal for another family or giving them the ingredients to make something they didn’t have to shop for is something I’d feel blessed to receive. Walmart has a lot of beautiful serving pieces that will add so much to a food gift without breaking the bank.

Gift Your Favorite Cookie Recipe (with Ingredients)

Not only does Walmart have beautiful serving pieces and bakewear but if you are a Walmart+ member you can quickly get the ingredients to your favorite cookie recipe delivered to your door. Gift the recipe along with the ingredients and this beautiful wood serving tray and dish towel set and you’re gifting holiday memories in the kitchen.

Wood Tray // Dish Towel Set // Wood Utensils

Breakfast Delivery

Have a neighbor who has to work through the holidays? Ease their morning by baking them a batch of muffins! They can take the leftovers to share with their coworkers.

Wood Bowl // Dish Towels // Knife Set

I Dip, You Dip, We Dip.

Use that gorgeous wood bowl (only $20) from above and give the gift of dip! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a dip of some sort. Even my little Cam, who has very selective tastes, likes fruit dip.

You could do sweet or savory options (think tortilla chips vs. something like graham crackers with cannoli dip). If you make a large batch of 3 dips, you can gift them in these cute and affordable dip bowls and gift several neighbors the same thing. I’m voting for chip with guac, salsa, and homemade queso! We will be best friends if you leave margaritas on my doorstep.

Dip Dishes // Dish Towel Set // Knife Set // Glass Jars

If you don’t someone’s food preferences you can assume that these days they’re spending more time at home. So who wouldn’t like some cozy items for a quite night in? Spa night, game night, movie night? Think of what the gift recipients would like and gift them accordingly.

Cozy Night In

An easy way to “wrap” a gift is to present it in a pretty basket. This woven basket comes in a set of 2, so you can keep one for yourself if you choose! I added a SUPER cozy throw, slippers, and a candle and bath salts that will make winding down for a cozy night in very easy.

Basket (set of 2) // Faux Fur Throw // Candle // Pillow // Slippers // Bath Salts
Firewood Holder // Basket // Throw Pillow // Faux Fur Throw
Woven Tray // Candle

Family Game Night

Some of these cozy home finds would be great gifts along with your favorite family friendly games. I shared some of my family’s favorite games in this blog post.

Shop My Walmart Home Finds:

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season making memories at home. If you are looking for cozy home finds to gift to friends and family make sure to check out Walmart’s home gift page here.

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post.

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