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Gifts For Women in Their 30’s

gifts for women in their 30's - cozy christmas pajamas on pinteresting plans blog

So many of you messaged me about the gift guide for guys in their 30’s I thought I’d follow up with a similar gift guide for women.   Today I’m partnering with Nordstrom to share my top gifts for women in their 30’s.

Gifts for Women In Their 30’s

gifts for women in their 30's - cozy christmas pajamas on pinteresting plans blog

Again – this is a general guide – really based on an N of 1 (me).    I am a mom living in Connecticut so the gifts I would want in my 30’s may not be what every gal’s heart desires.   In general I find most of my 30 something friends have slowed down on late nights out in favor of cozy nights in.

Whatever stage of life you’re in, Nordstrom has your gifting covered.  Whether you’re still a raging party animal needing glitter eye shadow or a slowed down sista like myself in search of a 15th cozy throw blanket for her couch – Nordstrom has gifts for everyone.

My favorite way to shop is to buy online and then pick up at the store.   When I say at the store – I mean drive up to the door, text them that I’ve arrived, and grab my gifts without even taking my kids out of their carseats!    Then I don’t have to deal with all the cardboard or a mail delivery or answering to my husband about why so many boxes were dropped on our front doorstep.

 gifts for women's in their 30's on pinteresting plans fashion blog - gingerbread man pajamas

 christmas gifts for women in their 30's - cozy throw blankets on pinteresting plans blog

 cozy gifts for women in their 30's on pinteresting plans fashion blog

Most of these gift ideas for women in their 30’s are things I personally own and loved receiving (from myself 😂).   I am my own Santa and here’s how Santa has been good to me.   Hopefully it can help wrap up some of your holiday shopping needs as well.


I’m ALWAYS wrapped up in blankets this time of year.   I also use them to protect my white furniture from the wrath of 2 little boys.    My eyes look for soft and white, my head looks for “machine wash” tags.


I haven’t purchased a winter hat yet this season, but Nordstrom carries several that I like.   If you know someone living in a cold climate considered these cute options:

Cozy Robe

Do you prefer a long robe or short robe?  I like the versatility of a short robe because I can wear them in the cold months with lounge pants and then still use them in the warmer months.

Slippers and Socks

Another question of preference – slippers or slipper socks? I prefer heavy slipper socks – though sometimes I want to run to the garbage outside and I wish I had hard sole slippers on.

Cozy Loungewear

Since I work from home I tend to overwear loungewear.   Do you change into cozies as soon as you get home in the winter?   If you know someone like this – here are some of my lounge favorites.

Snuggle Pillows

I have a lot of throw pillows and hands down the one below is my favorite so I’m not suggesting any others :).

Everyday Jewelry

I tend to repeat the same earrings and rings on a daily basis.   They’re comfortable and hold up well to mistakenly wearing them through the shower and to workout.   I love statement earrings for a night out – but those are becoming further between.

Beauty Must Haves

Nordstrom carries so many great beauty brands but I know shades are particular and hard to give as gifts.   Here are some of my favorite beauty gifts:

Pin It To Win It

Ok, nothing to win, I just thought it sounded cute.  If you like to save things to reference back later you can PIN the image below to your Pinterest account (find my Pinterest here).  I find when my mom asks me what she can get me for the holidays I look at her like 🤔 – I know there was something I wanted, but I can’t remember what.    Does that happen to any of you?

gifts for women in their 30's holiday gift guide 2018


I thank you for stopping by during this particularly busy time of year.   Nordstrom has more gift suggestions on their site broken down by recipient.   If you’re looking for more gift ideas for the lady in your life you might also like my “practical gifts for moms” gift guide or stocking stuffer suggestions.   Hoping you all have wonderful holidays.  XO.

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

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