Connecticut Hand Tied Hair Extensions

where to get hand tied hair extensions in avon connecticut
where to get hand tied hair extensions in avon connecticut

If you’ve been following the last few years you know I am a fan of hair extensions. I’ve tried several types and most recently got hand tied extensions applied by Sam at Lux Hair Co in my hometown of Avon, CT.

The team at Lux (Sam, Shaun, and Samantha) created a method that is a combination of 3 steps that gives a hidden, minimal point of contact look. They are in the process of patenting this technique to train other stylists because it’s been so well received.

I wanted to share some of the most common questions I get about this type of extension.

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How long do hand tied extensions last?

The hand tied extensions last 12 weeks with a move up at 6 weeks. The hair that Sam uses is guaranteed for 1 year but each 12 weeks it needs to be taken out and reinstalled. The move up appointment after 6 weeks (some people opt for two 4 week move ups instead) takes about 5 minutes.

How long does it take to have hand tied extensions put it?

It can depend on the length and thickness (how many rows of hair you want) you can expect 2-4 hours for the install time.

What is the maintenance for hand tied extensions?

As mentioned above, hand tied extensions need to be moved up 6 weeks after being put in, and reinstalled every 12 weeks.

Are hand tied extensions the best type for people with thin hair?

One row of hand tied extensions would be the best for thin hair because there are minimal points of contact and Sam’s team has created an application system that conceals the beads. This also allows you to wear your up with less change of the extensions showing.

How much do hand tied extensions cost?

After arranging for a free consult if you decide to proceed you would purchase the hair. The hair costs between $500-$1000 based on the amount and length. This hair should last for a year if it’s well cared for.

The cost for the application of the extensions is $125 per weft and the average head gets between 6-12 wefts. The initial start up in the most extensive because it includes both the purchase of the hair and the install. Lux Hair Co offers a discount on the hair so a ballpark figure to get an average head their hand tied extensions is $1,200.

My Experience

The technique the ladies at Lux Salon Co used to apply my extensions was much more comfortable than my past experiences. Typically hand tied extensions can be very tight at the scalp but these ladies have been able to alleviate that issue with an improved application technique. This also makes it easier to wear you hair up which can be more difficult with wefts on your scalp.

before and after hand tied hair extensions in connecticut
Before the hand tied extensions
hand tied hair extensions best for fine hair in new england
Installing the hair extensions
best salon in connecticut for hair extensions
The final product!

If you are thinking of trying extensions and live in or around Connecticut these ladies know what they’re doing and did an amazing job!

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  • Jennifer FOOR
    February 11, 2021 at 6:35 pm

    Goodness this is a wish of mine But I live in Pa

    • Rachel
      February 15, 2021 at 9:03 am

      aw!!! I am sure there is someone in PA who does this but I know people who travel out of state for their hair 🙂
      thanks for stopping by!