His and Her Black Running Tights

men's and women's black running tights - pinteresting plans fashion blog

Happy Wednesday! We had a sudden shift in temperatures last week in Connecticut and brrr 🥶…I’m layered up. You may have seen on Instagram stories that we have a detached, unheated gym at home so as the days get cooler we change our workout gear accordingly. Today we are partnering with Jockey to share his and her black leggings.

men's and women's black running tights - pinteresting plans fashion blog
Chris: Hoodie (medium) // Shorts (medium, sage green heather) // Black Running Tight (medium)
Rachel: Reverible Faux Fur Vest (small) // Cowl Cross Neck Pullover (small) // Shine Tights (small)

If you missed my post last month with Jockey I shared school drop off outfits. You guys were loving this reversible faux fur vest as much as I was. The “coffee cream” color I shared in that post (which has a more purple than brown appearance) was so good I decided to get the black as well. Going into winter I felt like the black would go well over plaid tops and all colors of sweaters.

black reversible faux fur vest - pinteresting plans fashion blog

The faux fur is so soft and I love that both sides of the vest have pockets. The first time I wore the faux fur facing inward it shed just a bit on the white sweatshirt. That improved with washing, or you can just wear the faux fur facing outward. I haven’t noticed the same with the coffee cream color.

Because we were going for a hike on this day I threw on an easy tunic sweatshirt to cover my bum with these high shine leggings. I love the texture of the sweatshirt and that it has thumbholes. For reference, I’m wearing size small in the vest, sweatshirt, and leggings.

white tunic sweatshirt with leggings on pinteresting plans fashion blog

The high shine leggings are very high waisted so nothing is hanging over! I’d been eyeing a similar pair last winter that was TRIPLE the price, so I was excited to find these for a fraction! They’re actually on sale today for under $35! While these leggings are good for working out, you could also style them for day and evening outfits. Similar to a faux leather legging – these would be cute around the holidays because of the shine. Pair them with a tunic sweater and fun heels for an office holiday party.

male fashion blogger himteresting plans in black men's running tights

Men in tights….or are they leggings? Either way, Chris is here for it. At home Chris wears men’s workout leggings all the time in the winter. Out in public he wears shorts over them, because, well, some things are better left to the imagination 😉. Leggings are both comfortable and functional for workouts so I think you’ll see more and more MEN IN TIGHTS (do you know that movie?) in the cooler months.

men's black running tights - himterestingplans men's fashion blog

I opted for these sage green men’s shorts because I know Chris will also get a lot of wear out of them next summer without layering them. The green looked a bit more polished than the gray for everyday wear to me.

He’s already reworn this soft hoodie under a blazer. That’s one of my favorite ways for guys to dress down a blazer, layering it over a thinner hoodie and pairing that with jeans. If you’re looking for men’s style ideas I convinced Chris and my brother to start an Instagram account together at the start of the year. All of their outfits are linked up on the Himteresting Plans shop page of my blog.

women's fall athleisure outfit - pinteresting plans fashion blog

I love the foliage this time of year and taking family hikes, but I have a hard time pushing it out of my mind that with fall comes the cold and flu season that drags on through winter. I am big on home remedies. Garlic, zinc, and apple cider vinegar are always on hand over here. If you have any you swear by drop a comment below, please.


Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll be trying all of these items on for you guys over on Instagram stories today if you prefer to see video of how these pieces wear. I appreciate your time and hope you have a great week.

Thank you to Jockey for sponsoring today’s post.

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  • Erica
    October 8, 2019 at 11:02 am

    I live in CT and also enjoy hiking. Where was that hike you took? It looks so pretty.

    • Rachel
      October 21, 2019 at 3:27 am

      hi!! it was at the West Hartford reservoir :). there are two of them – this is the one on Avon mountain.