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family holiday photo outfits 2018

family holiday photo outfits 2018

This was a highly requested post about family holiday photo outfits after you guys gave such kind reviews of the fall family photo outfit post.

Outfits for Family Holiday Photos

Most of the Pinteresting Plans readers are women so I’ll cut to the chase – build off the queen’s outfit!!   I always choose my outfit first since I’m the pickiest dresser in my family.   Once I’ve decided on my outfit then I coordinate the rest of my family.

family holiday photo outfits 2018 - layer each family member in coordinating colors

Holiday Outfits For Mom

Layering adds texture and interest to each family member’s holiday photo outfit.   I love to add a third piece – think scarves, vests, or even a statement necklace.

Holiday Outfits For Dad

family holiday photo outfits 2018 - build off the color of mom's outfit

The holidays are the only time of year I may be seen in red.   It’s such a festive color – but if it’s not your things pick something else.   Blue, mustard yellow – what speaks to you?   I like to coordinate each family member’s holiday photo outfit with a small amount of the main color.   Denim is a color, right 😜.

Holiday Outfits For Boys

Whether you’re doing formal holiday family photos or just having someone snap an iPhone pic in front of the tree, holiday photos are the only ones I tend to look back on each year.   It’s fun to see how much each person changes in one year.    I’d like to freeze time and let my kids be little for a few more years and at the same time freeze the bags under my eyes before they get worse 😴.

Holiday Outfits for Girls

I hope this post was helpful!!   The holidays can be such a busy time that I have to be conscious of being present because they tend to fly by for me.   I’m hoping this can cut down your shopping time so you can kick your feet up with some eggnog and someone you love!

Happy Holidays guys!!


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