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How to Hang Wall Art

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How to Hang Wall Art

I often get questions on how to hang wall art. It can depend on a few different factors including how big your dresser or sideboard is, what accessories you plan to put on top, and how high your ceilings are.

How High to Hang Wall Art

Let’s start with height. This usually ranges from 4″-8″. In the picture from my bedroom I chose to go a little higher than usual because we have tall 10′ ceilings. I also took into account the large vase I planned to place in front. Accounting for accessories you plan to put in front is a good idea when possible.

How Big Should My Wall Art Be

I recommend a width of 2/3 your dresser. This will create visual balance. I use similar rules when choosing TV or Console Size.

Helpful Tips to Hanging Wall Art

If this is your first time or you like to get a visual before hanging, buy some craft paper and cut out the shape of your wall art. Use painters tape to “try it on” before putting holes in the wall.

I hope this was a helpful quick read on how to hang wall art and you gain some confidence to do it yourself!

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