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How To Hide The Frame TV (ONE CONNECT) Box

how to hide samsung one connect box frame tv

Good morning! To celebrate the sale on The Samsung Frame TV on eBay I wanted to answer the most common question I get above the TV – how to hide the wires. I got our Frame TV on eBay last year when we moved into our new home and I LOVE it!! When it’s not in use it looks like a piece of art on the wall, not a big black box. I shopped around for a couple months before making the purchase and I’ve yet to see a retailer price a new Samsung Frame TV better than eBay.

how to hide samsung one connect box frame tv

I have the 65″ TV but eBay has lots of size options of the TV in stock and on sale. Depending what color frame you want there are optional accessory frames that fit over the edges of the TV if you want a color like white or brown. I wanted the frame that looked looks natural wood which you can find here. Like 79% of items on eBay, you can purchase the TV and accessory frame brand new.

The Samsung Frame TV comes with a “no gap” wall mount bracket included in the box. Attach the mount to the back of the TV. The TV side of the bracket folds in and out so the tv bracket can land in the wall mount and then be pushed flush against the wall. There are magnetic plates already on the back of the TV that will help hold it even more secure to the wall mount.

how to hide wire from samsung frame tv

Mounting the TV is fairly straight forward, this tricky part is hiding the large “One Connect” box that feeds the TV data. This box receives power, and any devices you would usually connect to your TV go from this box into the tv with just one wire! There are essentially three ways to hide your box.

3 Ways to Hide Your One Connect Box

First, you can put the box in some type of traditional TV stand and mount the Frame TV on the wall above. This will be very simple, but there will be that one necessary thin wire traveling from the TV to your cabinet, taking away from that nice floating TV look. A handyman (or woman), however, will be able to run this wire into the wall behind the TV and back out behind your cabinet giving you the full hanging wall art effect. If you can repair dry wall (YouTube can teach you), this is pretty straightforward.

Second, and the option that was best for us, is to hide the box in another room. We mounted the Frame TV above the fireplace, which was right above a discreet basement room. We had an electrician run a wire from where the TV is mounted, down the side of the chimney to the basement. The wire that came with the TV was long enough thankfully.

how to hide the frame tv one connect box wall mount and wire

Third option is to mount the One Connect box in the wall behind the TV. You will need to install basically a large electrical box in the wall between studs behind your TV. This one is a great size to hold the One Connect box and other inputs and leave enough room to mount the TV to the wall.

All three of these options will ultimately give you the hanging wall art look we love and are going for. Option 1 is the simplest, and option 3 is the most intricate, but they will all get the job done! I hope this answered any questions you may have had to get the job done, and if not please just leave a comment below. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube as well!

It’s not just the Frame TV that is on sale, eBay has lots of tech deals you can check out here. Enjoy your holidays this week!!

Thank you to eBay for sponsoring today’s post.

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