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How To Style a Console Table With Simple Decor You Can Move Room to Room

how to decorate a console table organic style on pinteresting plans blog

Whether you live in a house, large or small, or apartment you probably have a console table within your home. I LOVE console tables and I think they’re a fun piece to restyle whenever you’re feeling a little stale. I suggest finding a console table you love (even if it’s a couple hundred dollars more up front) because you can move them around your house (or house to house) and give them new life.

I wanted to share some simple style advice for decorating a console table because while we are on quarantine it’s likely you can shop your own home for much of the decor. You will see below I styled one of our console tables a few ways by switching out a handful of my favorite home decor pieces.

My son got a fish aquarium for Easter so they actually just confiscated the wood table below as a fish tank stand. It’s an affordable option because I purchased it unfurnished and use a matte clear coat to protect it. Changing the knobs and gave it a new look while keeping the price low.

How To Style a Console Table

Console Table // Large Vase // Faux Eucalyptus Stem // Ceramic Bowl // White Marble Chain Link // ‘Down to Earth’ Book // ‘This is Home’ Book // Wooden Vases

Start with a Focal Centerpiece

Whether it’s a large piece or art of mirror center the main stage item above the console table. My art is by Deb Presutto and you can probably tell I wish I’d gotten the non-glair acrylic cover when I used Frame it Easy to frame it. I’m not sure what I was thinking.

how to style a console table - baskets and vases - pinteresting plans blog

Console Table // Large Vase // Faux Eucalyptus Stem // Ceramic Bowl // ‘Down to Earth’ Book // ‘This is Home’ Book // Wooden Vases // Throw Blanket // Woven Basket

Add Height

Whether it’s a large vase or tall table lamp – add height at one or both ends of your table. You’ll want to vary the height of the rest of your decor. You can achieve varied heights by stacking decor pieces on top of book stacks or decorative boxes.

Console Table // Large Vase // Faux Eucalyptus Stem // Wooden Vases // Ceramic Round Vases // Driftwood (similar here)

Layer Organic Elements

Ok, you don’t have to choose organic elements but I’m all about natural materials and decor that might be simple stems you pulled from your yard.

Don’t Forget To Style Under the Table

If your table doesn’t have a lower shelf, I love two ottomans side by side beneath the console table. The table I styled above has a lower shelf so it’s another chance to showcase your favorite decor. Since I was getting ready to move this table, I kept it simple but you could certainly add more layers.

how to decorate a console table organic style on pinteresting plans blog

Console Table // Large Vase // Faux Eucalyptus Stem // Decorative Beads // Ceramic Round Vases // Black Pedestal Bowl // Set of Dried Artichokes // Decorative Boxes // Upholstered Round Cube

Utilize the Space Around Your Console Table

Given the area where you have your console table has extra space, you can utilize this area to add another large accent piece such as more greenery. Here are a few for example:

Have fun with it! If you decide after a day your table isn’t quite how you like – SWITCH IT UP! Buy decor pieces you love, because if you’re like me you will shift them around your house monthly.

pinteresting plans save splurge edition on styling home console table

Save Items:

Splurge Items:

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  • theresa schneider
    April 29, 2020 at 10:44 pm

    Each way you had the objects arranged looked great. It seemed like something you’d see at a model home.

    • Rachel
      April 30, 2020 at 11:41 pm

      thank you so much Theresa!!!