How to Wear Pinks for Fall

How to Wear Pinks for Fall | Pink Scarf and Gray Fleece shift dress

Sure, Fall is the perfect time to indulge in our favorite Autumn tones like army green, oxblood, and navy. While I love these Fall hues I still like to incorporate some of my go-to colors like whites (sorry “no-white-after-Labor-Day” police), blushes, and creams. Today I’m going to share how you can still incorporate non-traditional fall colors into your autumn wardrobe by looking at how to wear pink for Fall.

I’m teaming up with Abercrombie and Fitch for this post. Abercrombie, as many of you know, is one of my go-to spots for some of my favorite staples like jeans, jackets, and shorts. Their Fall items in particular scream COZY which is how I’d define my style.   It’s the perfect place to stock up on Autumn-ready, transitional pieces whether you want to opt for the traditional fall colors or integrate some blush and neutrals into your closet.

How to Wear Pinks for Fall | Pink Scarf and Gray Fleece shift dress

How to Wear Pinks for Fall | Dress with Scarf

Wear it as an accessory

Obviously, one of the easiest ways to incorporate some pink into your wardrobe for fall without overdoing it is to add it with an accessory. Whether you pop on a pink sneaker, wear a blush purse, or wear a pink floppy hat, accessories are a simple way to add a pop of pink.

In this outfit, I opted for an oversized blush scarf paired with an ULTRA cozy swing dress. This dress is a fleecy material and so amazingly soft, almost like wearing your favorite PJs! I’m wearing a size XS Tall in the dress for reference since it is made to be a looser fit. I love the way it pairs with this thick-fringe scarf for the ultimate cozy fall look.


How to Wear Pinks for Fall | Pink Flannel

Pair it with Fall staples

The next way to incorporate some pinks into your fall wardrobe is to pair it with a Fall staple – in this case, that’s a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. A pair of dark wash skinny jeans is a must for Fall. I’m wearing one of my go-to pairs, the high rise jean leggings. These jeans are SUPER flattering. Even though I’m tall, I like to buy the “regular” length in jeans of this style for an ankle fit. NOTE: I always suggest washing these (and any dark rinse) jeans once before wearing since the colored dye on them is very dark and can rub off on the first wear if you don’t.

I paired the skinny jeans with this peplum pink plaid top. Because I’m wearing it with dark wash jeans and sticking to a Fall classic, plaid, the pink works great. These statement blush suede booties completes the whole look. It still is a very autumn-inspired look, but using some soft pinks and blush tones.

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Velvet Joggers Outfit Inspiration | How to Wear Pinks for Fall

How to Wear Pinks for Fall | Open Back Top

Velvet Blush Joggers for Fall Outfit Idea

Opt for a Fall texture

Just like I like lighter fabrics for summer, in the Fall and Winter I like to use heavier fabrics like velvets and flannel. By using a cold-weather fabric in pink, it can be a great way to bring the color into the season. These velvet joggers from Abercrombie are the PERFECT combination of soft, cozy, and trendy and I love the way this look came together. I’m wearing the joggers in a size XS because I wanted a slightly more fitted look with these pants.

On the top, I’m wearing this super cute lace insert sweatshirt in the size small. It’s sort of like a regular, soft sweatshirt in the front but in the back, it has a zipper detail that opens to a really pretty lace. I love pieces like this that are simple, casual, and comfortable, but with a unique detail to give them something special.

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Abercrombie Snap Pull Over Outfit Idea

Add just a Touch

This snap pullover from Abercrombie is a long-time favorite. It’s a more subtle way to wear pink for Fall.  This pullover has been out of stock most of the last year. Right now it’s back in stock in several colors, including this pretty pink. I’m wearing the size XS here, which fits great but if I wanted to get it for layering on top of thicker tops I should have opted for the small.

Some other pink items that just came in stock that I love…

I hope this not only gets you more excited for some Fall weather but also shows you some ways to incorporate pink into your wardrobe in a season usually controlled by darker colors! Make sure to check out Abercrombie & Fitch for all your Fall needs, whether traditional colors or not!

Thank you to Abercrombie for sponsoring this post. 

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