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Lactation Salad

lactation salad
There is plenty of research showing certain foods can help increase your breast milk supply.   There’s even a recipe out there for lactation cookies.  I know – because I made them after my first son was born when I was sure he was fussy because I couldn’t make him enough milk (WRONG!).  Most often babies just go through fussy phases – like we all do, adjusting to life outside an all-inclusive resort.  While I never had trouble with milk supply, some women do, and certainly a salad is more appropriate postpartum nutrition than a batch of cookies (don’t shoot the messenger).

This salad recipe includes a few foods known to boost your supply without the guilt of a cookie.


Nuts, fennel, greens, and fenugreek will all help your baby get the leg rolls mine both had (or have).  If you aren’t looking for the same leg rolls – feel free to eat it any time you’re lactating or not!



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