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Life Update! We Listed Our House

life update - we listed our house - pinteresting plans fashion blog in spring outfit with gray dress and leopard scarf
fashion blogger rachel moore of pinteresting plans blog talks about listing their house - sitting in white kitchen
Leopard Scarf // Bag // Sandals (true to size) // This Dress in a Darker Gray // Similar Dress for $22 // Bracelet // Earrings

Wanted to share a quick life update because so many of you have sent me sweet messages about the house process on Instagram and Facebook. I will also answer a few questions I have been getting about this subject. But before I get to the house stuff I know many of you come for the fashion, so I wanted to share a few pieces I just got in from Sole Society.

I’d been looking for a new pair of slides that were a bit dressier to wear when I’m walking into town for lunch dates or to the post office. I love these ivory sandals because they go with everything I wear, but are a bit “extra” because of the gold ring.

My ring handle bag and scarf are also from Sole Society. The leopard trend remains popular and I love how scarves transform a simple outfit like this cotton dress or a tee shirt and jeans into something that looks much more put together.

Why are you moving? Didn’t you just renovate?

life update - we listed our house - pinteresting plans fashion blog in spring outfit with gray dress and leopard scarf

This is the question I get most often! YES, ugh, it’s rough to live through a 6 month renovation only to pass on the gorgeous finished product to someone else. But we started the process of designing and budgeting our addition a couple years ago and in that time our lives have changed quite a bit. People have asked if we renovated to make a profit – NO! We listed our house well under what we are into it for.

While we were renovating we started Recovery Wear Clothing which we ship from our house. We hold all that inventory in our current basement which is now maxed out – floor to ceiling boxes. We have considered shipping fulfillment and other ideas, but as a small business we want to keep things in house as long as possible…. and this isn’t the only reason for considering a move.

We started searching about 9 months ago pretty casually because we didn’t want to disrupt my son’s kindergarten school year. We found something we loved before the holidays but we were outbid.

Then my mom got a surprise puppy from my brother for Christmas and the puppy wasn’t welcomed with open arms in her condo building. She has since decided she was interested in the idea of an in law suite. So for the last few months we have been trying to find somewhere with enough space for us, the businesses we run out of the house, and my mom and her pup. We have put offers in on 4 places total and 2 of them have been pretty upsetting losses, but whatever is meant to be will be!

Did We Find a New Place?

rachel moore connecticut fashion blogger in gray dress and leopard scarf spring date night outfit talking about listing her house

We have our eyes on a couple but we are waiting to get an offer on our house to finalize our budget and make another offer. Anyone who has been through this process knows it can be really emotional and wear on you, so my hubby really was eager to list ours and just get the ball rolling so we could wrap things up sooner than later. Hopefully it will happen before the new school year!

Where Are We Looking?

life update - we listed our house - pinteresting plans fashion blog in leopard scarf and gray dress

While we would love to escape Connecticut winters, both our parents live in Connecticut and my parents have had some health issues so we will be staying local.



Thanks so much for stopping by! If you have any words of wisdom to share in regards to the housing process I’d love for you to drop a comment below! XO, Rach

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  • Martha
    June 9, 2019 at 1:46 pm

    My only advice is to try and stay unemotional & business like during the entire process, which is very tough. My hubs is a new home builder. I heard him describe his business to a friend the other day, “I am building the most personal & private asset this individual or couple will ever own, their home. I take the process extremely seriously, knowing that.” You’ll find that special house, patience my friend. Much love & luck to you all. I know it’ll all work out great! Can’t wait to see the new digs!

    • Rachel
      June 10, 2019 at 1:21 am

      Thanks so much Martha!
      I love that advice. I’ll keep you posted!!

  • Milena
    June 15, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    Hi! I wish you guys lots of luck and patience! Having gone through the process twice in 6 years (most recently 3 months ago) I can say from experience that patience really does matter most because there is so much that’s out of your control. It is a very emotional process and you just want the end product but there are hurdles. I hope it goes smoothly for you and you love what you buy!
    Xx Milena from Long Island!

    • Rachel
      September 16, 2020 at 4:15 pm

      Thank you so much Milena!! xx

  • Barrie Willimas
    June 16, 2019 at 2:54 am

    Congratulations on listing your house! Hope u find a buyer soon! The sooner you find buyer, the less stress for you! Moving local is the best since you can move slowly. We moved 9 hours away so had to ship cars, and move our three dogs with us in the car.

    You will find a great house and it’s great to have your mom with you! I will be thinking of you! I am sure your new home will be beautiful! Plus you r so good at decorating too!,,

    • Rachel
      September 16, 2020 at 4:13 pm

      Thanks you so much Barrie!!!