LikeToKnow.IT.Family Takeover Family Friday June 9, 2017

liketoknow.it.family takeover friday - pinteresting plans with children in peplum top and pajama jeans

liketoknow.it.family takeover friday - pinteresting plans with children in peplum top and pajama jeans

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be taking over the LikeToKnow.It.Family Instagram handle today.  On June 13th it will be 1 year since I was accepted into RewardStyle (the company that pioneered and runs the LikeToKnow.It APP and software).  I recall thinking they might regret accepting me because I wasn’t (am not) what I would consider a fashion blogger.   I am more of a life sharer who cracks jokes or asks for advice alongside of a picture of ordinary, everyday outfits.

As RewardStyle is adjusting to their ever evolving demographic they recently started the liketoknow.it.family handle that showcases more family oriented content (pregnancy style, nurseries, kids’ clothes, etc) that might bore those who don’t have children (me 6 years ago :).

So anyway – hopefully most of you already follow along with me on Instagram where I am posting new content on a daily basis.   If you do follow, you know I horrify my husband by talking real talk – chin hairs, bathroom talk, and all the crazy things I’m willing to try to fight off cellulite and wrinkles.  I actually was not very active on social media before I started blogging so it’s been a great way for me to connect with new friends at a time in my life where I was feeling somewhat isolated (two of my best friends had just moved out of town and we moved to a new neighborhood).

As much as people complain about social media and all the negative things it does to people it has allowed me some wonderful opportunities – like raising a scholarship for the drug rehab facility that helped my husband get sober.   I can’t tell you how many dozens of people I met through just that one blog post where I opened about some of the struggles of my family’s journey through drug addiction.

I digress – here are some pictures and mom hacks/life hacks/time savers/favorite products that I am sharing today in my takeover posts.  Full outfit details can be found by clicking the picture you’re interested in on my SHOP PAGE (all linked items will show below the pic on mobile, beside it on a computer).

liketoknow.it.family takeover friday - pinteresting plans in white t-shirt and denim cutoffs pushing son in car

Far and away this push buggy (actually we have more often used the older version without the cup holders) has been a favorite toy in my household.  If you know a child 9 months -3 years old I would buy this for them because my 4 year old (who is huge) still loves to ride in his.  I push this car miles a day when weather allows.

I also shared my blow dry secret.   Do you remember when I talked about it in this post about getting out the door in a hurry?  I let my hair get about 90% air dryed and then use this blow dry brush to finish it off.   Not only will you get the smooth, sleek look of a blow-out but you won’t damage your hair with as much heat since you’re letting it air dry most of the way.  The brush is not good for drying wet hair but it’s amazing as a finishing tool and under $30!

If you’re in the market for denim cut-offs I highly recommend this pair – but size up!   I usually like my skinny jeans VERY fitted – I sized up 2 sizes from what I usually order in skinny jeans for these denim shorts.

liketoknow.it.family takeover friday - pinteresting plans pajama jeans and pink peplum top

This pink peplum!!!  I showed it above in blue, I love it THAT MUCH!!   I probably love it most because it’s non-iron.   It’s a slinky material that drapes so well and de-wrinkles itself (why can’t my skin do the same?).  I paired it with pajama jeans that I own in blue (here) and white (shown in the first picture).   The denim leggings run just a bit big.   I am wearing XS because I like a very fitted denim.

liketoknow.it.family takeover friday - pinteresting plans in white off the shoulder one piece bathing suit and denim cut offs

This off the shoulder one piece bathing suit (that can be reworn as a top) is very flattering and really good quality.  I’m always nervous a white suit will be see-through when it hits the water but this one isn’t.  In preparation for swimsuit season I’d recommend becoming friends with a cellulite tool.   I use this one in the shower (I lube up my thighs with shower gel and go at it) and this one outside the shower.   You need to be very firm with these devices to see results.  I was bruised for a good 2 weeks after I started using each one but I noticed a VERY significant decline in the appearance of my cellulite dimples and you can try either one without breaking the bank.

liketoknow.it.family takeover friday - pinteresting plans in athleisure outfit

I love fun workout leggings.   I more often wear them cruising around town with my kids but I do also workout.   I always workout in dark leggings because of sweat (and now the risk of pee thanks to childbirth limiting my bladder’s ability to stay full while jumping).

liketoknow.it.family takeover friday - pinteresting plans and son in camo vests

These are some closet staples and the tops will take you well beyond Spring.   The tunic is on sale right now and it is long in the back if you like to cover you bum.  I have this tunic in 2 colors (so far).   My everyday denim shorts are under $40.   This camo vest will be most worn in Fall but it’s a great accessory for this time of year as well over a light top or dress.

liketoknow.it.family takeover friday - pinteresting plans in tie front white top and denim cut-offs with dupe valentino flats

I HIGHLY recommend a braided headband as a hair hack for faking a well styled look.  I usually put my headband over my hair (above) and then wrap what would be pulled back in a 1/2 up hair style and I tuck it over and around the adjustable strap of the headband.  My Valentino dupes are under $30.

liketoknow.it.family takeover friday - pinteresting plans husband

Here is my crew!!   (Well, 2 out of 3).  I couldn’t be happier with the man my husband is today so I hold out hope for all the families still struggling on the path of addiction.   Certainly it’s not something we have passed.   We make time for at least a weekly AA meeting and have made lots of friends in the sober community where we live.   Like all things – it takes a village.

Shameless plug – if you happen to be reading this on 6/9/17 and live local I will be hosting a fundraiser tonight at Sugar Salon in West Hartford, CT at 6:30 pm.   Champagne, food, hair and make-up – mingle and make a girls’ night out out of it.   We will be heading out for more socializing somewhere in the Center after the event.

And that’s a wrap!  I am so appreciative of all your support.   If you read this far, I want to kiss you feet.   I never would have thought I would be afforded this opportunity so please know I am so grateful you are here.

Have a great weekend!

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  • Torey Beerman
    June 9, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    Love this post Rachel! Your never ending humor and perfectly styled outfits and life hacks are what keep me coming back! You have a beautiful family! XOXO


    • Rachel
      June 15, 2017 at 3:13 pm

      AW! thanks so much torey. xoxox
      so glad to have connected with you (is it almost a year ago now??)

  • Lina
    June 9, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    Rachel, well done!!! I am happy for you.