Maiden Home Sectional & Sofa Review

Buying a sectional or sofa is a big decision and somewhere I always debate if I should save or splurge. From my experience, a durable couch made with a performance fabric will pay for itself in time. I really loved our couch we had in Connecticut for just those reasons. And many of you loved it too! Whenever I posted pictures of my Crate and Barrel Sofa I always got questions on color, comfort and durability (here’s my review on that one). Unfortunately, with shipping delays I wasn’t willing to wait for the same one when we moved to Florida. Which lead me on the hunt for something new that would deliver the same performance. I am sharing my review on what we went with and bonus, Marissa got the same one in a different layout so we’re working together to bring you both of our thoughts!

Maiden Home Dune Sectional and Sofa Review

An American made company, Maiden Home, has timeless pieces that are handmade to order. Not only that but their shipping times were respectable on sectionals and the look was exactly what I was going for.

I selected The Dune Sectional in the performance fabric “Oyster”. Was it a sign that it was called “The Dune”, like our dog? Not only do I love the modern coastal look of this slip cover but being able to remove the slip cover to clean it is a bonus when it comes to durability. I have since put the covers through the wash and can report back that they wash well. For small smudges or spills you can also spot clean.

I wash the slipcovers on the normal warm cycle with an added pre soak using a scoop of this powder “white revive”.  With three boys and a dog in the house, this is huge!

Marissa and I chose something different and learned a few things! There are tons of options in both the sectional and sofa section of The Dune. I went with the L sectional and she went for the straight Sofa with an ottoman. Each of our choices lended to the spaces they would be living in. For me the space was important to fit my kids and their friends, or even tall people like Chris and myself! The Sectional was a good choice for that. Marissa wanted to be able to get an L shape feel when curling up for a movie night but wanted the versatility for when this couch travels to another home some day. So she opted for the sofa with an accompanying “coffee table ottoman”.

For pillows I went with scatter back pillows and Marissa went with straight back pillows (pictured below). THIS WAS A MISTAKE! I didn’t mean to order scatter back. Both the sectionals and sofas can have either type of pillow choice. The scatter back is usually a mess – my kids or pup tossing them on the floor. They never manage to stay looking in order (ya feel me?!) and finding your seat involves shuffling the pillows to get comfy. For me, it turned out to be a little bit high-maintenance and I would not recommend the scatter back version. Marissa went with the straight back and what’s nice about that is you can purchase your own pillows to accessorize. Much easier to take a seat on the couch without reorganizing and fewer pillows to keep organized.

All in all we LOVE our Maiden Home Sectional and Sofa but recommend picking a layout and pillow selection that works best for your space. Not sure which to choose? Try taping out the measurements on your floor to ensure you’re getting the best fit!

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